Beauty Among the Beasts!

Beauty Among the Beasts!

Raised in the town of Ipoh, ONE FC ring girl Felixia Yeap has come along way since her humble beginnings. Now living the high life as a blogger and professional model, it is hard to imagine that the 27 year old started off working as a kindergarten teacher. Making minimal wage, the 173cm Malaysian national was forced to live in rented store rooms just to make ends meet.


Felixia and her fellow ONE FC ring girl Christine gracing the cover of FHM!

Photo sourced from Felixia Facebook page

Modeling since the tender age of 17, Felixia’s stock rose when she became a finalist in the 2009 FHM Girl Next Door contest. Her good form continued as she was able to clinch the Velocity Angel Model of the Year that same year. However, Felixia’s defining moment came as she beat 600 other hopefuls to be crowned the Official Playboy Bunny for Playboy Macau! In the process, she became Malaysia’s first and only Playboy Bunny girl!


Here’s a couple shots of Felixia tearing up the cameras

Photos sourced from Felixia Facebook page

Come 18th October, don’t miss Felixia in action at the upcoming ONE FC: Total Domination. Catch the stunning ring girl work her magic as she ignites the crowds in this premium mixed marital arts (MMA) bonanza!


ONE FC girls Felixia and Christine all ready to ramble!

Photo courtesy of ONE FC

We were fortunate enough to speak to the “homely and quiet” Felixia about her thoughts on the upcoming ONE FC: Total Domination, being a ring girl and life in general. Without further ado, here’s Felixia…

1. So Felixia, how does it feel to be a ONE FC Ring Girl? What do you find rewarding about this experience?

Felixia Yeap: The experience of being associated with such a great event will probably my biggest takeaway from working as a ONE FC ring girl. The fans are fantastic, the fights are fantastic and the entire event from top to bottom is world class.

2. What do you think you will bring to the upcoming event, ONE FC: Total Domination?

FY: I will bring what I always bring, energy and excitement to pump up the crowd in between the rounds!

3. Will you be keeping your eye out for any particular match at Total Domination? Any reason why?

FY: I’m looking forward to the bout between Eddie Ng and Peter Davis. I’ve seen Eddie Ng compete and he is really tough and it will be a tough fight for Peter.

4. Do you have a favourite MMA fighter? What draws you to the MMA sport?

FY: I like Jake Butler because he has both looks and skills! He looks good but keeps winning as well. I am drawn by the excitement.

5. Would you consider being a MMA fighter? If not, what sports would you consider?

FY: I love MMA! But i don't think I'm cut out for it, and I won't be able to model if I did MMA. Besides MMA, I also like going free diving.

6. We understand that you have the prestige of being Malaysia first and only official Playboy bunny. How do you think that has helped you as a person?

FY: I think it has given me a lot of recognition and being associated with a brand like Playboy is a huge honour. But, I felt ready to move on and try something else.

7. In addition, we understand that you model as a mermaid as well. Can you tell us more about this interesting phenomenon?

FY: I have always been fascinated by mermaids so it has been a lifelong dream of mine to be one. I now perform as a mermaid in various theme parties and it combines my love of modelling with my mermaid fascination.


A beauty on both land and sea, Felixia Yeap

Photo sourced from Felixia Facebook page

8. Do you have a message for all your SAFRA fans?

FY: Yes, come watch me October 18!

So, what are you waiting for?

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