Success by the Inch!

Success by the Inch!

After the disaster that was this year’s National Day theme song, Singaporeans were quickly up in arms bemoaning the lack of quality local musicians. Call it a coincidence, or even kismet. But, it seems fitting that the disenchanted cries of the local masses have been aptly rebutted with our very own musical pioneer Inch Chua’s sophomore album effort.


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Following up from her first solo album Wallflower, Inch proves to every bit the tenacious front woman we remembered from the now defunct local rock group Allura. The 24 year old certainly knows about the pressure of having the musical flag of Singapore on her back having been based in Los Angeles since 2011. Besides being the first ever Singaporean to be invited to perform at the premier South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) in 2010, Inch has also opened for the likes of Katy Perry, Vampire Weekend and Macy Gray.

Having successfully crowd funded her second album Bumfuzzle, the art school graduate returned to her hometown to collaborate with legendary local producer Leonard Soosay. Inspired by her touring adventures aboard, Bumfuzzle is an ambitious effort by Inch to “to tell a story with a genre that has been a big part of her formative years”.


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Therefore, it is fair to say that the album is also a reflection of the maturing sound of the feisty indie princess. As such, she has stripped down the essence of her rock roots and married it with electronic tendencies to create a piece of work that “sounds sonically contemporary, current and creatively envelope pushing”.

Despite breaking out of her music comfort zone, Inch has not sold out completely to synth. Although she explored the extremities of sounds, she always attempts to find a creative musical middle ground that doesn’t compromise her vision. As such, Inch’s deliberate effort to keep Bumfuzzle’s tone “as analog and organic as possible” is a fitting tribute to her idols that comprise of Fiona Apple, Shiina Ringo and Bjork.


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But, Inch doesn’t just shine in the recording studio. Despite her pint sized exterior, the charismatic performer is quite the livewire in the flesh. Having witnessed Inch’s live set at the recent local Sofar Sounds Session, we are living witnesses to the fact that she can captive a crowd with her trademark powerhouse vocals. Not one to shy away from spontaneity, this spunky chick will not hesitate to involve her audience so as to provide an interactive concert experience.

Thus, one can say that Inch Chua is one of the pillars of the ever growing local music scene. Very much like our very own chilli padi, Inch’s pint size appearance disguises her overwhelming musical bite. As such, we can rest easy in the fact that our music legacy is in the safety of Inch’s tender hands!


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Check out Inch’s official site and Facebook page to learn more about this talented artist!

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