The Lion Share of MMA Dominance

The Lion Share of MMA Dominance

On a night of world-class mixed marital arts (MMA) action, our Singapore warriors roared their way to three early victories over arch rival, Malaysia. Having failed to register a victory over Malaysia in the ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC), the three Singaporean MMA fighters were flying out of the block to prove a winning point.

Debutant fighter Stephen Langdown started the winning momentum for the Lion City by defeating Malaysian Marc Marcellinus within the first round. Marcellinus didn’t know what hit him as he was downed in a barrage of knees and punches from the young lion.


Young MMA lion, Stephen Langdown dishing out the kicks and punches
Photos courtesy of ONE FC

Juan Wen Jie then made it two victories in a row for Singapore with a strong left hook over Alex Lim. It was pretty much a one sided affair with Juan opening up Lim with a series of aggressive kicks and punches. The contest was effectively over with Lim going down early in the second round.


Juan Wen Jie’s aggressive kicks led to his maiden victory!
Photos courtesy of Shaun Mun and ONE FC

Finally, Singapore’s first professional MMA fighter Sherilyn Lim made it a hat-trick of wins for the little red dot in an exhilarating match with Malaysia’s Ann Osman. In what was only the second all-female MMA bout in ONE FC history, the evenly matched duo slugged it out for the full three rounds. Osman managed to take Lim down early on in the match, but Lim responded with her impressive ground-and-pound strikes. The catfight eventually came down to a razor-thin split decision with the judges awarding Lim the win!


The Singaporean lioness, Sherilyn Lim came up top in this catfight!
Photos courtesy of Shaun Mun and ONE FC

Despite the strong showing from Singapore, middleweight veterans Tatsuya Mizuno and Rafael Silva stole the night’s limelight in a bloody affair. The two relentless fighters showed no sign of letting up throughout their five-round dance which had the 10,000 strong crowd in rapture.


The two middleweight beasts slugging it out in the ONE FC cage
Photos courtesy of ONE FC

Nursing a gushing wound, Mizuno was a blood crazed beast who sent Silva backpedalling with his bone crunching blows. But, Silva was not backing down in this five-star brawl. The freestyle wrestling champion attempted several submission moves on the imposing Japanese brawler, but to no avail. Eventually, it came as no surprise that the judges unanimously awarded Mizuno the win to the delight of his new found fans.


Blood and glory for the victor, Tatsuya Mizuno
Photos courtesy of Shaun Mun and ONE FC

However, Mizuno was not the only triumphant Japanese that night. ONE FC Lightweight World Champion Shinya Aoki successfully made his Featherweight debut with a decision victory over Cody Stevens. The towering Asian grappling specialist exerted his physically dominance over his stocky opponent with a series of takedowns. The restless fans were energised as the plucky Stevens refused to back down. After unleashing a flurry of swift kicks, the spirited display earned Stevens a standing ovation from the crowd even though the judges saw fit to award Aoki the match.


Aoki’s Featherweight debut was no walk in the park!
Photos courtesy of ONE FC

Finally, Brazilian Bibiano Fernandes emerged as the undisputed ONE FC Bantamweight World Champion in the title reunification bout with former World Champion Soo Chul Kim. The best pound-for-pound MMA fighter Fernandes imposed himself over Kim with a series of well-orchestrated takedowns.


Former champion Kim with his back to the mat!
Photo courtesy of ONE FC

While this was a safe victory strategy, it was definitely not easy on the eyes for the audience. In fact, the lethargic crowd was so bored that Fernandes should have been renamed ‘Bibi-Yawno’! It was such a bland affair that it fell on the drop-dead gorgeous ring girls to provide a much needed blood rush to the wavering fans.


Easy on the eyes, ONE FC ring girls Felixia and Christine
Photos courtesy of Shaun Mun

With the impatient mob calling for blood, Kim began to ask some serious questions as he landed some hard hitting punches. While Fernandes walked away with the judges’ decision and the championship gold, it was the dazzling ONE FC ring girls who provided the sparks in this main event.


Fernandes retains the gold despite Kim’s punching and screaming
Photos courtesy of ONE FC

Can’t get enough of the ONE FC Ring Girls, Felixia Yeap and Christine Hallauer?

Then, be sure to check up for our exclusive chat with the two dazzling girls soon!



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