SAFRA Membership

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SAFRA Membership: Eligibility & Applications

Am I eligible to join SAFRA?

SAFRA membership is open to all Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) National Servicemen (NSmen), full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), SAF regulars and their dependants.

Membership categories depend on your NS status:


For: All SAF National Servicemen (NSmen) who have completed full-time National Service and full-time National Servicemen (NSFs).

Applicants must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

Ordinary (A) Members will be converted to Ordinary (B) Members upon completion of their National Service liability (at the age of 50 years for officers and 40 years for other ranks).


For: All SAF National Servicemen who have completed full-time National Service and are no longer liable for National Service.

Applicants must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents.


For: All serving members of the SAF, i.e., SAF Regulars and Defence Executive Officers.


Please contact Ms Shalin Saliman at 6355 4509 for enquiry.


For: The female spouse and children aged between 5 to 20 years of SAFRA members (except those who are full-time National Servicemen, i.e. NSFs).

The membership for dependants run concurrently with the SAFRA membership. Its validity and related privileges shall lapse when the SAFRA member resigns or ceases to be a SAFRA member, or is suspended when his membership fee is outstanding. Dependant membership for children shall lapse when they reach 21 years of age.

Applicants can be Singapore citizens, permanent residents or foreigners.

Have a query about memberships? Email us or call 1800 377 9800 or 6377 9893

How much does a SAFRA membership cost?

SAFRA membership subscription fees are reasonably priced and offer good value-for-money. Read more about the benefits of being a SAFRA member! Have a query about memberships? Email us or call 1800 377 9800 or 6377 9893.

Membership Category Membership Fee
2 Years 5 Years 10Years
Ordinary A (SAF NSman) and
Ordinary B (Former SAFRA Members)
$80 $155 $270
Dependant of Ordinary A and
Ordinary B (Former SAFRA Members)
$40 $77 $135
Ordinary B (New) and
Associate (SAFRA Regulars & DXOs)
$120 $232 $405
Dependent of Ordinary B (New)
and Associates
$60 $116 $202

Published Associate member rates are not applicable for SAFVC. Please refer to details below.

I am an SAFVC member, how do I apply for SAFRA Associate membership?

Please note that SAFRA membership application for SAFVC is by strictly by invitation only, as such applications over the counter or by any other means without the official invitation are not applicable. Upon completion of 5 days of in-camp training, eligible SAFVC will receive an invitation from SAFRA via mail for a 2-year SAFRA Associate Membership. SAFVC can choose to sign up for SAFRA Associate membership as well as Dependant membership for his/her dependants. SAFVC volunteers will need to write in to SAFRA Membership Services if they missed the initial invitation and SAFRA will review the SAFVC Volunteer’s application. Upon the SAFVC volunteers’ Associate Membership expiry, a renewal invitation will also be sent to SAFVC volunteers who are still eligible for SAFRA membership. 

How do I apply for SAFRA membership?

Apply for the SAFRA Membership via MySAFRA, at any SAFRA club (operating hours from 9am to 9pm) or download the application forms here.

Drop off the application forms at any SAFRA Club (Yishun, Jurong, Tampines, Mount Faber or Toa Payoh). 

Alternatively, send the forms to:

SAFRA Membership Marketing Department
2 Telok Blangah Way
Singapore 098803

Cheques should be crossed and made payable to “SAFRA”.

Remember to include the following documents:

  • NS booklet, SAF SmartCard or Certificate of Conduct for Ordinary (A) Membership ( for Operationally-Ready SAF NSmen and Full-time National Servicemen)
  • 11B or payslip for Associate Membership ( for SAF Regulars and Defence Executive Officers)
  • Marriage certificate and/or birth certificate (for dependent memberships)

Have a query about memberships? Email us or call 1800 377 9800 or 6377 9893.

How long must I wait to receive my SAFRA membership card?

Applicants who sign up for a SAFRA membership at any of SAFRA Club (Yishun, Jurong, Tampines, Mount Faber or Toa Payoh) will receive their membership card on the spot. For mail or online applications, your membership card will be sent to you in 3 weeks.


SAFRA Membership: Renewals, Waivers & Terminations

How do I renew my SAFRA membership?

To renew your SAFRA membership

  • At any SAFRA club using cash/NETS/Visa/Mastercard
  • GIRO payment
  • Via MySAFRA
  • By cheque (Made payable to "SAFRA") mailed to SAFRA Membership Services Division, 2 Telok Blangah Way, Singapore 098803

You may also pay for SAFRA memberships via a Ministry/Statutory Board or from the National Service Make-Up Pay. The deduction will cover current and advance subscriptions.

Have a query about memberships? Email us or call 1800 377 9800 or 6377 9893

How much does it cost to renew my SAFRA membership?

Renewal fees depend on your member category:

Ordinary A member $40 a year
Ordinary B members (previous SAFRA members) $40 a year
Ordinary B members/Associate members $60 a year
Dependant Members of Ordinary A members (female spouse and children) $20 each a year
Dependant Members of Ordinary B members (female spouse and children) $30 each a year

Renew your SAFRA membership with our Advance Payment Scheme to enjoy savings of up to $195.

Types of Membership 5-yr  Savings 10-yr Savings
Ordinary A (SAF NSman) /
Ordinary B : Former SAFRA members
$155 $45 $270 $130
Dependant of Ordinary A /
Ordinary B: Former SAFRA members
$77 $23 $135 $65
Ordinary B (New) /
Associate (SAF Regulars & DXOs)
$232 $68 $405 $195
Dependant of Ordinary B (New) / Associate $116 $34 $202 $98

Have a query about memberships? Email us or call 1800 377 9800 or 6377 9893

I have not used SAFRA facilities or benefits for quite some time. Am I still required to pay membership subscription fees?

Membership is renewed automatically two months before the membership expiry period regardless of the member using SAFRA facilities/benefits. The membership fee may be charged to the SAFRA DBS Credit/Debit Card.

To resign or opt-out from the auto-renewal, a member must submit in writing his/her intentions to SAFRA at least 3 months before their membership expires. Please include your name and NRIC number. Alternatively, you can fax these details to us at 6377 9866.

I want to withdraw my membership. How do I go about it?

If you wish to terminate your membership, do write in to us and include your name and NRIC number. Alternatively, you can fax these details to us at 6377 9866.

I am going overseas. Is there a way to put my membership on hold or waive my fees?

Of course! You may apply to be placed on the list of Absent Members if you are leaving Singapore for a continuous period of one year. The membership fees will be waived for the listed period of absence (maximum 3 years). To apply, write to SAFRA, Membership Services Division or fax a request 6377 9866 with supporting documents, e.g. exit permit, letter from your employer or educational institute, one month before your departure.

Memberships will be extended for any earlier payment made for the period of absence. You may apply for an extension of the listed period of absence upon its expiry, subject to acceptance by SAFRA.

You may email to for waiver of membership fees.


SAFRA DBS Credit/Debit Card

What is this new SAFRA DBS Credit / Debit Card about?

This is a new SAFRA multi-functional card issued jointly with DBS. SAFRA members will now be able to get the convenience of multiple functionalities such as ATM, Credit/Debit, NETS or and contact-less payment features of CEPAS (NETS Flashpay) and MasterCard® Contactless. However, SAFRA members are still welcomes to apply for the new Membership card.

Is my SAFRA DBS Credit/Debit Card expiry date the same as my SAFRA Membership expiry date?

Like all Credit/Debit Cards, your SAFRA DBS Credit/Debit card has a 5-year validity date. The expiry date on the SAFRA DBS Credit/Debit Card only shows the expiry of the Credit card. The membership expiry may or may not be the same.

If the validity of your SAFRA Membership is shorter than your SAFRA DBS Credit/Debit card, your SAFRA DBS Credit/Debit card will cease function upon membership expiry.

Please note that each Member is only allowed to hold ONE (1) Membership Card (either SAFRA Membership Card, SAFRA DBS Credit Card or SAFRA DBS Debit Card).


SAFRA Membership: Benefits

What benefits can I expect as a SAFRA member?

SAFRA members have access to a wide range of clubhouse facilities, special member deals, SAFRAPOINTS rewards, exclusive services and much more. Explore the benefits of a SAFRA membership in our Membership & Privileges, Events & Activities and Perks & Promotions pages.

Do Ordinary B, Associate, Dependent and Life Members enjoy the same benefits as Ordinary A Members?

Yes, they do enjoy the same benefits except the right to vote.

May I bring my family and/or friends to use the facilities at SAFRA clubs?

Yes, of course! One benefit of being a SAFRA member is that you may bring your families and/or friends to the Clubs as guest(s). Each member may bring in 4 guests, except for the Fruit Machine Rooms where, by law, only 2 guests are permitted. Do note that guest charges may apply and each guest will have to be signed in to use club facilities.

As a SAFRA member, do I have to pay to use the facilities at EnergyOne or to join the Interest Groups?

SAFRA members are welcome to join EnergyOne Gyms or Interest Groups at nominal rates.

Please view the entrance fee and membership fee charges for EnergyOne here.

Please view the membership fees for interest groups here.

How do I keep up with all the happenings and events at SAFRA clubs?

Simply sign-up to the SAFRA website and personalise your profile! Our news feed system will send you alerts and updates based on your interests and preferences.

Alternatively, keep up with SAFRA club happenings via:

  • Facebook
  • Posters
  • Pioneer magazine
  • SAFRA eNews - an e-bulletin for SAFRA members

SAFRA Membership: Change of address, lost cards

I‘ve moved – how do I update my address with SAFRA?

You only need to email us with your name, NRIC number, new mailing address, contact number and we’ll do the rest. Or you can fax these details to us at 6377 9866.

Is my SAFRA membership card transferable?

Your SAFRA membership is exclusive to you and not transferable. Do remember to present your membership card when using our Club’s facilities. Any misuse of SAFRA memberships may result in memberships being revoked.

I’ve lost/damaged my membership card. What do I do?

If you’ve lost your membership card or damaged it, apply in person at any SAFRA club (Yishun, Jurong, Tampines, Mount Faber or Toa Payoh) or write in to us. If your card is lost, a replacement fee of $10 is chargeable. Damaged cards will be replaced for a $3 fee.