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Weekend Adventures at SAFRA


Here is our breakdown for all six of the SAFRA Open Houses happening all the way from 17 June to 2 July!

Celebrate what makes your Dad Great!


Science on fatherhood has uncovered other reasons that you may not have known - earning your father a little extra brownie points this Father's Day!

SAFRA in the 90s: A SAFRA45 Special


In this fifth edition of our SAFRA45 Special, we take a stroll down memory lane from 1992 to 1996. We relive the nostalgic memories of the 90's National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign that started with the Sheares Bridge Run to the National Speed-Climbing Championship.

Eat Good: Practice Mindful Eating

Eat Good 2

Welcome to our second Eat Good series, where we discover how one can improve their relationship with food through mindful eating.

Make it a Family Event!

SAFRA Family Day Out

Not sure what to do with your kids this weekend? Check out this list of activities and events at SAFRA Family Day and Families for Life!