4 Ways to Find Your Child’s Talent

4 Ways to Find Your Child’s Talent


Helping your children to discover their talents is among the best things you can do for them, Though it may not be the easiest to uncover their talents, it will help them in focussing their efforts on where they can shine and make the best use of their time as well as a positive contribution to society.

Here are four tips to help you along the way. 

1. Allow your child to explore and experience an array of activities


Let your child explore the possibilities!

Allow your child explore possibilities beyond what is familiar to you. You may be an athlete and it’s natural to get them involved in sports; however that might not be their interest or talent.

Expose your child to an array of activities and you may be pleasantly surprised to discover their new strengths and talents.

2. Listen to your child


Let me tell you something…

Today’s parents and children are often overwhelmed with information. There are so many enrichment programmes calling for your attention, and in the midst of deciding on which courses to go (or let go), it’s not always easy to hear the little voices beckoning for your attention too.

Nothing can be more important than listening to your child when it comes to selecting an  appropriate programme or an activity for your child. When he or she is excited about something, they are likely to talk to about it.  There are  also tell-tale signs when they do not enjoy an activity.

It’s not that difficult to tell what they enjoy, when you make an effort to listen.

3. Encourage your child to stick to their decisions


Encouragement will go a long way!

Encourage your child to complete an agreed duration (it can be a short course of a semester of an activity) for every activity they engage in. This will allow them time to experience and decide if they would like to pursue it further. By doing so, you are also emphasising the importance of keeping a commitment that they made, and not give up on something too easily.

4. Let your child take the lead


I am Awesome.

As parents, your role is to be your child’s coach (and greatest fan). You can make suggestions based on your observations and expose them to different activities and programmes. However, it is still up to your child if they wish to participate on a long term basis.

Looking for suitable activities and enrichment programmes for your child?

Equip your child with Social Etiquette skills to help them discover their talent by learning to form connections with others!

Perhaps your child has recently expressed interest that they want to be a chef. Take them for a Baking Workshops  at SAFRA Jurong and SAFRA Toa Payoh.

Parents, come and join us at the Growing Up Seminar. This activity will help you define your parenting style and how you can bring about the best in your children while enhancing your parenting journey.

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