5 Forgotten Family Bonding Games

5 Forgotten Family Bonding Games

December is upon us, and the signs of Christmas are creeping up on us. As Orchard Road becomes peppered with the bright Christmas lights, the warm fuzzy feeling of the family orientated festive season is slowly sinking in.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas... On Orchard Road!
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With the clock ever ticking closer to 25 December, our shopping malls are ever chockfull of people trying to create the perfect Christmas party for their family. Whether be it slugging it out in the trenches of the departmental store hunting for the perfect present, or bracing the crazy turkey prizes set by the supermarkets, everyone takes the holiday as an opportunity to spend time and bond with family. 


Fighting the battle for a fun filled family Christmas celebration!
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So, why wait till Christmas to invest in some quality time with family? Simply, it’s because most people are busy with work or lifestyle commitments for most parts of the year. Coupled that with our technology obsessed tendency, and the only family interaction we have is begging our sibling for another Candy Crush life. 


Crushing family fun? 
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However, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, instead of staring relentlessly at your phones and tablets, why not spend time playing some good old fashioned games that the whole family will enjoy. Forgotten games such as Scrabble and kite flying not only create memorable family memories, they also have to foster family togetherness as well. 

So, what games should you try out? Allow us introduce five blast-from-the-past games that will bring a tear to your parent’s eyes!

5 Forgotten Family Bonding Games



Fun literally; Scrabble and its modern counterpart Words With Friends
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Known to you as Words With Friends, the game was more commonly known as Scrabble to your parents. This legend-ary board game was the source of endless hours of family fun before the Wii was invented! 

Accommodating two to four players, this thinking word game will exercise the most muscle in your body, your brain. The game comprises of player forming words with the alphabet tiles at their disposal. Similar to a crossword, the formulated words must flow from left to right in a horizontal or vertical manner. Player can even challenge the validity of any word put down on the playing board. We are pretty sure that Mum and Dad will be scratching their head in wonder at internet lingo such as ‘btdubs’! LOL  

Kite Flying


Go fly kite lah... with your family 
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We are sure that you are familiar with the expression, ‘go fly kite’. But, in this case, we literally mean heading outdoors and flying a kite. It is a underrated activity that requires more precise co-ordination than you might think. The whole thing starts off as you select your kite type of choice and making it your own. Magic markers, crayons and pastel paints are but some of the tools you and your loved ones can use. Why not, create a unique family insignia like in Game of Thrones


Photo sourced from chuanbaolicious.wordpress.com

Once complete, head down to a park or open space and let your winged creation soar among the clouds. With the winds inbound for the rainy season, you don’t need much of a running start as your loved ones let fly your collective efforts.



Battleship provides more family fun than its movie namesake
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Another beloved game, Battleship is a classic guessing game that actually inculcates crucial analytical skills while providing buckets of family fun. Although typically a two-player game, you can work around it by forming into family groups. We highly recommend either a parents versus kids scenario or pairing up with one parent.


Will you be able to outfox your family in a game of Battleship?
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Initially known as Salvo, the game started off as a pad-and-pencil game in 1931 before being released as a plastic board game in 1967. Each player is given a fleet of naval ships to position on a grid board. The opposing player has to guess and sink his opponent’s ships by announcing a point to attack. The game is over once one player loses all his ships. 

Guess Who?


The game that keeps the entire family guessing
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Essentially a two-player guessing game, Guess Who? is basically charades but with  24 specific character cards instead. Once again, we suggest going with either a parents versus kids scenario or pairing up with one parent to spice things up!

Created by Ora and Theo Coster, the game debuted in 1979. The turn-based game allows each player to ask a yes or no question to deduce your opponent’s character card. We find that things get more interesting if you throw in peculiar family traits into your line of questioning! 



Building blocks of family bonds!
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A physical game of wits and dexterity, Jenga comprised of 54 individual wooden blocks that make up a large tower. Suitable for two players and more, the objective of the game is to take turns to remove any particular block and resetting it at the top. 


Screaming good fun that only Jenga can provide
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As the game progresses, the structure becomes increasingly unstable and more difficult to balance. Trash talking is whole-heartedly encouraged to distract and test the other players’ mental and manual dexterity. A winner is crowned when the subsequent player causes the Jenga tower to come crashing down. 

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