6 Pain Relief Methods for Common Injuries

6 Pain Relief Methods for Common Injuries

pain relief treatment
Do not live with pain, get it treated right.

Got a muscle strain from an intense gym session? Find out how you can work out minor kinks in your body with simple stretches and massages as Physician Gabriel from Kin Teck Tong demonstrates pain relief methods for six common injuries!

Don’t overdo your stretching and massaging! Try these remedies once every 2 hours, each movement approximately 20 – 30 seconds for optimum results.


Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain
Watch out! Lower back pain can be experienced by common office workers who spend a lot of time at their desks, as well as professional athletes

1. Locate and gently press into the muscles at either side of the spine (Note: Do not press on the spine).
2. Using the fingers as support, bend towards the back slowly and try to reach the lowest point possible. Stay in the posture for 20 – 30 secs and then return to position.
3. With fingers still in position on the muscles on both sides of the spine, bend your body to the left. Stay in the posture for 20 – 30 secs and then return to position.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Once every 2 – 3 hours.


Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain
Shoulder joint is one of the most vulnerable joints in the human body

1. Use your left hand to hold on to the clavicle (collarbone) of your right shoulder. Slowly row the arm backwards for about 20 – 30 secs.
2. Repeat for your other arm.


Ankle Pain

6 Pain Relief Methods for Common Injuries
The heel raise strengthens and helps to prevent future sprain

1. Standing in an upright position, feet hip width apart.
2. Tip-toe for about 5 to 10 secs. Return to rest. Repeat 20 times, once or twice a day.


Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain
Golfers, badminton and tennis players often encounter ache on the elbow due to the repetitive swinging motions

1. Feel the bony structure on the outside edge of your elbow, apply 2 fingers spacing to locate a tender spot. Wrap your hand around the elbow and massage the spot with your thumb.
2. Repeat for your other elbow.


Neck Pain

Neck Pain
Poor posture or strenuous workout can cause neck pain

1. Straighten the fingers on one hand and place them below your chin. Use your fingers to tilt your head up.
2. Return to normal position; slowly tilt your head down to the left side, letting your ear touch your shoulder. Return and repeat on your right.
3. Slowly turn your face and look to the left for 20 – 30 secs and then return and repeat on the right.
4. You may want to use your hand to assist in the stretch.
5. Repeat every 2 – 3 hours.



Feeling stressed out? Try this acupoint massage to ease your headache

1. Locate the acupoint on the back of the hand between the thumb and the index finger.
2. Press firmly. You should feel a tender sensation.
3. Repeat for the other hand.


Super Interference Waves Pain Treatment Device
The Super Interference Waves Pain Treatment Device (top) and 3D Microwave Therapy Apparatus (bottom) are used at Kin Teck Tong to help to alleviate localised pain areas safely while you lie down in comfort

Tried these massages and still feeling the pain? You may need to seek professional help from a licensed TCM practitioner, especially if you experience acute pain. Kin Teck Tong specialises in treating pain in the head, neck, shoulders, lumbar and thighs. Their team of qualified medical physicians and therapists uses traditional Chinese medicines and methods, complemented by advanced medical equipment, such as the Super Interference Waves Pain Treatment Device (above), for targeted pain treatments.

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