Virtually a Workout!

Virtually a Workout!

Beating the Flab Series

Fitness is an integral part of our lives. With so many ways to get fit, you really have no excuse not to be at the peak of health these days. So with a multitude of fitness options out there, we examine what fun exercise and dieting options that you should be checking out in our month long Beating the Flab feature!

In line with Video Games Day which occurred this past Monday, we decided to introduce fun back into fitness by bringing you the best video game workouts. With technological advances, the stereotypical image of the average gamer as a couch potato is long gone. Gone are the days where the only workout a gamer received was by bashing senselessly on a controller. Although it did improve hand dexterity, it was hardly considered a workout.


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However, all that changed with the landmark invention of motion sensor technology. Video game consoles such as Wii, Xbox 360 Kinect and Playstation 3 Move are fine examples of the latest gaming revolution. The modern immersive gaming experience requires the gamer to utilise the whole body in order to play a game.

So, start warming up as we plug you into our top sweat busting gaming workouts and you will be looking like your buffed up avatar in no time!

Fitness Games
Wii Fit Series


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Available on Wii

One of the signature Wii game titles, the Wii Fit series is great fun for those after a light workout. It is highly recommended as a good first step to fitness for the busy working adult. As the granddaddy of the fitness game genre, it is the third bestselling console game in history with over 22.67 million copies sold.

Gamers work out on the Wii Balance Board as they attempt a series of yoga, aerobics, strength and balance training exercises. The exercises are so effective that they are even used in physiotherapy centres, health clubs and even nursing homes.


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Be sure to keep your eyes for the new Wii Fit U that is due to be out later this year!

Nike+ Kinect Training


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Available on Xbox 360

However if you are serious about getting in shape, then you should look no further than the Nike+ Kinect Training. Nominated for a BAFTA Games Award, this game is perfect for the fitness freak who loves to break a sweat or two. The game creates a personalised training program based on your fitness goals and the personal fitness info.

In addition, the crystal clear graphics are easy on the eyes making it a breeze to follow the on-screen exercise instructions. What’s more, you also get some much needed motivation in the form of the virtual drill sergeant type trainer who constantly pushes you on.


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Furthermore, you can create a personal Nike+ account and compete with friends and family in fun workouts such as virtual hurdles or dodgeball!

Zumba Fitness


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Available on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii

If you dread the monotony of repetitive exercises, then spice things up with a little Zumba Fitness. This lively zumba-based game offers an intense cardiovascular workout that is set to a pulse racing soundtrack. Keeping up with the gorgeous on-screen animation is no easy feat, we assure you!

The detailed graphics and exotic virtual locales will draw you in as well as the different dance styles. Plus, you get to unlock more material as you progress through the game. It is so addictive that you will be sweating buckets.


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To top it all off, the game can even search for your nearest zumba class if you want to hone your zumba skills beyond your living room. Dance Dance Revolution and ParaParaParadise can suck it!

Guitar Hero/Rock Band


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Available on Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360

If you are a concert junkie like us, you will know that moshing and head banging at concerts can be a taxing workout. We can only imagine what a workout it must be for the energetic rock stars. Well, we don’t have to imagine anymore with the wildly popular games Guitar Hero and Rock Band!

The pioneers of the music rhythm gaming phenomenon have amassed over 38 million units sold worldwide. Armed with a guitar shaped controller, drum kit and microphone, you can immerse yourself in the complete rock experience as you burn up the calories. With the lively rock anthems, you are bound to be up on your feet and moving like Jagger!


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And when you are tired of going at it solo, get your friends over and complete the band. Rock out on your homely stage in front of a lively virtual audience. Don’t be afraid to run around your room as you rile up your ‘audience’!

New Gaming Tech
The ‘Omni’ 

OK, you might have played the game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. But, have you really ‘played’ Call of Duty: Black Ops II?

With the upcoming ‘Omni’, you will have to actually physically run, crouch and jump on an ‘omnidirectional’ treadmill in order to move your in-game avatar. This grooved, low-friction surface allows users to walk on it using a special shoe within the comfort of your home.


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In addition, you can pair this baby up with the Occulus Rift virtual reality goggle to complete your virtual gaming experience. We imagine that most players will probably be quite the sprinters after encountering the terrifying zombie survival mode.

And the best part of it all, you can still go for your morning run the next time there is a haze episode. Just boot up your Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game and go jogging in a medieval fantasy world. Running has never been this fun. Just be careful not to run into a dragon along the way!

Real Life Gaming 
Patient 0 by In Real Life (IRL) Shooter 


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If you find the ‘Omni’ is still too wimpy for you, then you might be a ‘real’ gaming purist. You need to be motivated by the taste of fear and stench of death before you will even consider breaking a bead of sweat.

Then, Patient 0 is right up your alley. Organised by IRL Shooter, Patient 0 is a live-action shooter and role playing game which five of your friends and you can take part in. Stretch your limbs and spend 90 heart thumping minutes as a special ops team in a specially designed post-apocalyptic universe. You will have to be at your physical best as you will have to battle through packs of zombies while solving mind bending puzzles.


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You will be armed with a sophisticated M4 machine gun replica which utilises laser tag technology to keep gameplay scores. If you do survive till the end, your final gameplay score will be tallied and based on your firing accuracy.

Unfortunately though, Patient 0 is currently only based in Melbourne, Australia. But, we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will come to our shores soon. 

Combat Skirmish 


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If you are still revelling from the disappointment of missing out on Patient 0, you can always check out our very own Combat Skirmish. Established in 2005, Combat Skirmish is a mobile outdoor laser tag organiser in which your friends and you get the chance to test each other in a game of physical prowess and wit.

The participants are divided into two teams and are armed with laser tag weapons and a body sensor. Simulating first person shooting games such as Call of Duty and Counterstrike (if anyone still remember this gem of a game), Combat Skirmish is great fun for individuals of all ages without the pain of paintball.


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Prepare yourself for a gruelling session of physical exertion as you try to gun down the opposing team members. We certainly nursed quite a few aches and pains after an afternoon of pure adrenaline.


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