Bring out the Leader in you!

Bring out the Leader in you!

The writer Oscar Wilde once coined the phrase, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” While it sounds like some atas anecdote that you fire to your friends, it actually holds meaningful insight. The role of art is to provide meaning and inspire people in the journey of life. Hence, we should emulate art and be a leader that provides inspiration to all around us.

However before you can undertake such responsibility, you must first be the best version of yourself. This is the KEY reason why continuous learning is important! In SAFRA, we have our very own learning enrichment vendor, One Learning Space that provides quality management courses for all.

Like a player in a role-playing game, you should be learning at every opportunity to improve yourself and those around you. One Learning Space’s courses such as public speaking, project management and effective coaching serve to not only further your work but also pave the way to social progression.

So, how applicable are such courses you say? Let’s take a look at a recent case study in the world of football, namely the English Premier League. We have two distinctly Mancunian leaders in Roberto Mancini and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Roberto Mancini (Recently booted Manchester City Football Club manager)

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First up, let’s showcase the example of the blue (in every sense of the word since he is now jobless) Mancunian leader Roberto Mancini. This season had been a disaster for the Italian manager. Three and a half years into his tenure, he was unceremonious dumped after finishing empty handed this season. Mancini left under a cloud of animosity as he lost the respect of his players.

Obviously not one with effective coaching skills, Mancini showed a complete lack of understanding of the word, ‘coach’ this season. His complete disregard for knowing what, when and where to say things had cost him dearly. Mancini’s critical rants against his players effectively burnt his bridges with them.

One such example would be the case of his comments about his star player, Samir Nasri. Already established as a bad boy prima donna in his Arsenal Football Club days, Mancini should have known better than to criticise his bad form in public by saying he wanted to “punch” him.

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While criticism can be a motivating factor, Mancini showed a blatant disregard for the bare basic of coaching that one should understand your employee. By airing his dirty laundry to the public, Mancini essentially shamed Nasir who was only going to act like a resentful child from then on. In doing so, Mancini effectively dug his own grave.

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Sir Alex Ferguson (Retiring manager of Manchester United Football Club)

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Our second Mancunian leader on the other hand, is flushed with pride. Sir Alex Ferguson ended his 26 year reign of the Red Devils by securing their 13th league title with four games to spare. His total trophy haul of 38 trophies is the lasting legacy of a good leader. That status is reflected through an avalanche of accolades from former protégé players as well as old managerial adversaries such as Arsene Wenger and Roberto Mancini.

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As one who has brought up generations of club legends, Ferguson is an individual which embodies the word, ‘coach’. His exemplary coaching skills are evident in his handling of big ego players such as David Beckham, Nani and most recently Wayne Rooney.

Acting as a surrogate father figure, Ferguson is one to shelter his star players from the public (particularly the media) eye. Even when his players underperform, Ferguson will vehemently defend them to the end. However in the sanctuary of the locker room, Ferguson is not one who is afraid to unleash painful criticism.

Ferguson’s infamous ‘hairdryer’ treatment, complete with flying boots, mask his wisdom to know when and where to deal out tough love. David Beckham will certainly attest to that! In addition, he is brave enough to drop key players such as Nani and Rooney whenever their inner prima donna surfaces. His relentless commitment to the team ethos and blend of man management skills created a club that is full of his fingerprint.

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So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be blue and upgrade your skill sets now!

Hop down to SAFRA Toa Payoh and visit One Learning Space today! 

Join their management enrichment courses today to be the best that you can be! 

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