Delhi Restaurant!

Delhi Restaurant!

Miss all the wonderful Indian food you got to try during Deepavali? Fret not, you can always head on down to Delhi Restaurant to enjoy authentic delicious Indian cuisine! Read on for our review of Delhi Restaurant!

It seems like South Indian cuisine is all around us in Singapore – roti prata, fish-head curry, nasi biryani. Sad to say, most of us do not expose ourselves to the real culture of India by limiting our food tasting to just South Indian cuisine. When I stepped into Delhi restaurant for the first time, I had my first-ever encounter with North Indian cuisine and boy was I left enthralled!

One of the dishes that I just kept going back to was this green concoction, which initially left me worried. It was Palak Panir, which was cottage cheese cooked with spinach and dressed with strips of ginger. The thought of cheese and ginger doesn’t sound too appealing, but once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll keep going back for more (we ordered another bowl of it)! This is definitely one of the dishes I HIGHLY recommend!

Delhi Restaurant is famous for its Mix Grilled Sizzler, and after tasting it, I understand why! The Mix Grilled Sizzler is an assortment of freshly cut tandoori meats, which are marinated in wine and masala, and served on a sizzler, and then it is set aflame! If the act of watching your food being lit on fire right before your very eyes isn't exciting enough for you, well you can at least be sure that you're in for a tasty dish! The variety of meats – from chicken to mutton – on the sizzler was so tender and succulent, making chewing such a breeze! SAFRA members can enjoy this mouth watering dish at a discounted price of S$18 (U.P.S$25) when you flash your SAFRA card at Delhi Restaurant! 

We were also served the Delhi Butter Chicken, a traditional North Indian cuisine that Delhi restaurant somehow managed to perfect! The chicken was once again juicy, and was generously coated in a creamy yoghurt and butter sauce, that complemented the dish to a T!

Together with our dishes, we were served an assortment of Naans! Each naan offered a unique taste but I particularly enjoyed the Cheese Kulcha Naan, where the melted cheese balanced the slightly salty and buttery taste of the naan!

Be sure to pair your dish with a sweet Lassi, which is a yoghurt drink that was thick and not too sweet! A sweet Lassi is perfect for those who may not be able to take the spiciness of the Indian dishes! Apparently the fat found in dairy products – such as milk or yoghurt – help to counteract the burning sensation caused by eating spicy foods!

Head on down to Delhi restaurant now to enjoy some authentic North Indian cuisine today!

Click here for more details of the Delhi Restaurant promotion when you flash your SAFRA card!     

Delhi Restaurant
60 Race Course Road
Singapore 216567


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