Drinking is the Game!

Drinking is the Game!

Let Them Drink Beer Series


Guten tag! Are you enjoying your Oktoberfest so far? Or, have you been well behaved and stayed sober throughout the boisterous beer festivities? Well, that is all about to change as with this week’s installation of Let Them Drink Beer!

Last week, we taught you how pair that lonesome beer up with some attractive local bites. But, there is only so much food you can eat. Therefore, why not engage in the fun tradition of drinking games? This age old practice has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks! In fact, there were even drinking games in ancient China. Usually, a riveting game of dice or a robust verbal jousting match was accompanied by numerous cups of wine.


Engage in the age old fun tradition of drinking games

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As human civilisation evolved, so did the realm of drinking games. Today, we have a wide range of drinking games that test our capacity for endurance, speed and skill. Of course, that is not to say that we have taken the fun out of drinking. Rather, these games serve to enhance the drinking experience as we unwind with friends over rounds of drinks.


Test your drinking skill and wit through drinking game with friends!

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So, what are some of the drinking games that you can try out while drinking with your pals? We bring you the top five drinking games!

1. Beer Pong


Do you feel lucky punk?

Photos sourced from beerpongcustoms.com and jackcentral.com

The quintessential drinking game, beer pong is a legendary university drinking game that has made its way on literature, films, television and even music! It is an excellent beer team sport that you can play at any party. So, what do you need to play beer pong?

First, you would need to find one ping pong ball, 12 glasses of beer and a stomach for the booze. Then, arrange six glasses of beer on either side of a table as though they were bowling pins. Divide the group into two teams, with each team sitting opposite each other. The objective of the name is to throw the ball into the opposing team glass. If the ball lands into the cup, the team has to down the beer.


Are you a beer pong hero?

Photos sourced from sundayfundaysoftball.com and barstoolu.barstoolsports.com

As the beer diminishes, remember to rearrange the remaining glasses closer. The first team to finish up their beer loses. Subsequently, the losing team will have to finish all remaining beer on the table.

2. Never Have I Ever Instagrammed


Gentle reminder; do not drink and instagram!

Photos sourced from digitaltrends.com and coolmomtech.com

You might remember the “Never Have I Ever” game from school camps. Well, this is the exact same game but with a grown up twist.

Basically, everyone sits in a circle and each person takes turn to list a particular cliché Instagram photo that friends are guilty of uploading. Therefore, all those who have Instagrammed the mentioned photo type must then drink. Common clichés such as glamour selfie, food porn and outfit of the day (OOTD) are sure fire way to make friends down their beers. You can even add more personalised details such as a specific location or event so as to make specific people drink!

3. Thumper


Need some thumping advice?

Photo sourced from survivingcollege.com

The perfect party ice breaker, Thumper is a drinking game that only gets better with more people. It requires each player to think of a unique dance move and demonstrate it to the group. Everyone will have to flex their memory muscles and remember each individual dance move. Once that is done, the game officially starts.

The game starts with everyone thumping their palm on the table and the first player gets the ball rolling by dancing their move before following it up with another random player’s dance. That player will then follow suit by performing his or her move before continuing with another person’s dance move. The idea is to keep the dancing chain going for as long as possible. If anyone fails to continue the dancing chain or forgets another person’s move, that person pays the forfeit by drinking.

4. “Thunderstruck”


Prepare to be ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC

Photo courtesy of eil.com and thissongissick.com

Rock N’ roll fans will love this idiot-proof drinking game that will separate the boys from the men. Simply make sure that you have the AC/DC song, Thunderstruck and a set of speakers. The name of the game is that everyone drinks every time the word “thunderstruck” is heard. Brace yourself for a brutal frenzy of drinking in the opening few minutes!




‘Boxing’ without the bloodspill

Photo sourced from sofakingdrunk.com

Put away your gloves and mouth guard and rest easy as you end the “boxing” arena of the drinking world! All you need is a stop watch, two shot glasses, two dice, beer and four people. This fast paced game will see two people go head-to-head with the other two serving as alcohol pourers.

Seated on the opposite side of the table, the two drinking competitors roll a dice and whoever scores the lowest in the dice toss ‘takes the punch’ and down a beer shot. That is when the alcohol pourers refills the glass before the two ‘boxers’ go again. They will go at it continuously for three minute rounds with a 30 second rest in between. The match is over when someone quits or pukes!

Want to try some hand at some beer games?

Then, come and celebrate Oktoberfest with SAFRA this weekend!

Join us this Friday, 11 October at SAFRA Mount Faber for Octo-Booze!

Plus, we will also be holding our Beer Party 2013 this Saturday, 12 October at SAFRA Toa Payoh!

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