Fashion Essentials!

Fashion Essentials!

The Gentlemen Series


Welcome back to The Gentlemen series! Previously, we provided you with body grooming tips to ensure that your physical body is looking at its best. Now that we have got that out of the way, it is time to outfit that body with the best possible accessories out there.

Hence, we will be drawing up a list of wardrobe essentials. The timeless expression, “The clothes make the man” is no exaggeration in today’s fashion crazed world. While there are many different schools of thought in male fashion, there is always a base line on which every man should work from.

Therefore, allow us to teach you to assemble a basic set of clothes and accessories for all your formal/business, semi-formal and casual needs. This timeless selection will ensure that you will get your daily style injection even when you are not inspired to think of an outfit.


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Looking Smart!

Grey Suit
You might not believe everything on television, but you better believe Barney Stinson when he tells you to “suit up”. The backbone of any male closet, it is imperative that you should own a suit.


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Regardless of whatever look you are looking for, you can’t go wrong with a grey suit. Whether is it the preppy, modern or traditional look, the versatile grey suit is a dream to pair with both dark and light coloured shirts.


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Consisting of a blazer, vest and trouser, you should take special care that it isn’t any old suit. Be mindful to get one that sits well on you. The single breasted blazer should be completed with two buttons (no more, no less), complete with a breast pocket in which you can place a pocket square in. Alternatively, you can ditch the blazer and wear only the vest out to combat our humid local conditions.


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Plain White Shirt
Another no-brainer male fashion item, the plain white business shirt is one of those things that you can never own enough of. It is advisable to avoid one with double cuffs and a cutaway collar in order to pair it up with casual jeans.


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This formal wear main staple can be quite vulnerable during meal times, so do take special care. You might want to opt for the wrinkle-free cotton variety to ease your ironing duties.

Silk Tie


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It is pretty obvious that business attire is never ever completed without the added assurance of a tie. We recommend that you choose one made of silk to add an air of elegance to your outfit.

When choosing the colour of your tie, remember to opt for solid muted colours so as to not outshine your suit. Remember that you are only as confident as you look, so make sure you don’t leave for office without your trusty tie.

Leather Work Satchel/Briefcase


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Rounding off your corporate style arsenal, the leather work satchel/briefcase is the only way to transport your office essentials stylishly. We implore you to spare others from the horrifying sight of a salary man with a backpack. The days of the backpack went out of the window the moment you graduated from university.

When shopping for a leather work case, try to find one that is well crafted and preferable sans logo. Your case should reflect you and ooze quiet authority.

Belted Trench Coat


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One for a rainy day, your chosen trench coat should come with a belt which can secure the light coat to your body. The trench should prevent your suit from being drenched so that you remain dry on wet days.

Traditionally worn below the knee, it is advisable to get a contemporary trench which boasts a shorter cut. We say go for a trench in black, navy or khaki to remain the chic young thing you are. It is definitely an improvement over sporting a plastic windbreaker (It isn’t the 80s’anymore).

The In-between Wares

Slim Leather Shoes


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If you still own a pair of squared toed shoes, we implore you to dump those snorkelling fins immediately! Not only are they a step below clown shoes, they make you look like you just stepped out of the wrong era.

So, head down to your nearest shoe store and pick up a pair of slim wingtip leather shoes now. As for colour, we say stick to the classic colours of black or brown. They are not only versatile for work and play, but complement your grey suit superbly.

Leather Boot


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A good alternative to have, it is always good to have a high cut piece of leather boots in your shoe collection. We suggest that you should get your boots in a different colour from your normal slim leather shoes as these are perfect on both trousers and jeans.

Khaki Chino Pants


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The bridge between smart and casual attire, a fitted piece of khaki chino pant feels right in the workplace and out of it. Wear it with a t-shirt or shirt would make no difference to the stylish aura that you will be emitting.



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Feeling chilly in the office? Then you will appreciate the valuable warmth that a cardigan can provide while you work. A stylish way to keep warm, choose a muted solid colour cardigan that you can wear casual.

Keeping it Cool and Casual

Dark Jeans


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Everyone owns a pair of denim jeans, but do you own a stylish one? Toss out your ripped and baggy jeans as the days of grunge and hip hop are over, so get over it.

Instead, you should have a straight-leg pair of dark coloured jeans which is a good middle ground between the skinny and baggy variety. Your jeans should sit well on you while offering you the comfort of some leg room.

Colourful Sock
Socks are the next upcoming fashion item, you can take our word for it. Add a little spark to your feet with bold colours such as orange. However if you are a traditionalist, you can’t go wrong with sticking to either a black or blue pair of socks.



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Used as both smart casual and casual footwear, sneakers are all the rage at the moment. Suitable for a night out or a day at the office, just think of them as a grown up version of the school shoes you used to don.

If you are in the market for one, none combine style and street cred like Converse sneakers. Check out the Chuck Taylors range and prepare to fall in love with a gorgeous piece of rubber.



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Essential a no frills weather solution, the hoodie is the male answer to combating wet weather. Try to find a solid colour hoodie that you can use to stay warm in cold air conditioned cinemas.

Plain White T-shirt


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The underrated undergarment, the plain white t-shirt is a classic fashion item endorsed by Marlon Brando and James Dean. Not only is it timeless, your white crew neck cut t-shirt should accentuate your well chiselled adult body.


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