For the Love of Adventure

For the Love of Adventure

Last Sunday, over 360 participants gathered at SAFRA Yishun Country Club (SYCC) for the much anticipated adventure sports competition, SAFRA AVventura 2015. Though it was cloudier than usual, the weather stayed positive throughout the race.

Among the notable guests to lead the flag-offs were MAJ (NS) Michael Tang Gee Hian, the Vice Chairman of SAFRA Yishun Executive Committee, and members of the said committee, Dr Marcus Tan Wee Lun and Gabriel Lim Teng Wee as well as Sze Toh Khai Munn, Chairman of Organising Committee and SAFRA Adventure Club. The Guest-of-Honour for the day was BG (NS) Tung Yui Fai, Vice President of SAFRA.


It was a bike-heavy route for the Ultra teams with a run in the first leg of the race to Sembawang Park and a brutal 8km kayak along the coastline later before facing three mystery challenges at Woodlands Waterfront Park, Lorong Asrama and Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.

These challenges included tackling a crossword puzzle, navigating through a series of checkpoints within Lorong Asrama on their bikes with the help of issued maps and scoring a balloon through a hula hoop without using their hands.

In order to clear the final checkpoint at Lorong Asrama, they had to abseil down a hill with their bikes slung on.


Whizzing past on bikes along the Green Corridor, Zhenghua Park and Lower Mandai Road towards Lower Seletar Reservoir Park certainly quenched the participants’ thirst for an adrenaline rush.

The race then concluded at SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre (SYCC) with a cargo net, sport and rope climbing and finally abseiling down for the last dash to the finish line.


The Sprint and Youth teams took on a shorter route but it was still equally as demanding. There was more running and instead of facing mountain bike trails, they also braved through a series of high elements at Republic Polytechnic. On top of that, they also had to complete the same set of mystery challenges.

In the last stretch of the race, each team had to finish off with a run from Sembawang Park back to SYCC after kayaking.


Competition was tough so it certainly paid to be the type who doesn’t easily quit and go home. But what kept everyone in high spirits was the overall positive mental attitude towards such a demanding race.


During the challenges, you could hear these participants tirelessly cheering and motivating their partners. It’s times like this that communication is truly crucial in competitions, especially when under great pressure.

And who just recently taught us the importance of communication?


Why, they are none other than Yeo Kim Hong and Hairul Nazwa! In our recent interview with them (check it out here!), they stressed on how partners need to communicate during a race in order to perform and coordinate well.

And this proved to be true once again as the super team successfully clinched the top prize in the Ultra Men’s category for the second time in a row. The two friends were very focused during the competition, possibly in hopes of maintaining their huge lead.

By the end of it, they were all smiles not only did they prove to be the best team in the category that day, they even beat their previous record. With an impressive timing of 4 hours and 19 minutes, they had stormed through the race nearly a half hour faster than last year. Talk about being the Ultramen!


This year also saw an increase in the number of parent-and-child teams for the Families For Life (FFL) Challenge. A total of 81 teams took on mystery challenges like flicking bottle caps, stacking cups and solving Sudoku puzzles as well as grapple with sport climbing and abseiling.

The returned pairing of Lawrence Lim and his son Timothy did it all in 1 hour and 11 minutes for a victory in the Ultra Kids category while the team of Chua Boon Keat and his son Isaac conquered it in 49 minutes for the Super Kids category.

Congratulations to all winners and participants! See you at the next SAFRA event!


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