Hottest Football WAGs: Manchester City vs Arsenal

Hottest Football WAGs: Manchester City vs Arsenal

Anara Atanes (left) and Ludivine Sagna (right)

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The English Premier League, also known as the Barclays Premier League, is still not over yet. Arsenal faces Newcastle this week in a live broadcast on Sky Sports. The last time the teams met was in December 2012 where Arsenal triumphed by 4 goals despite an overall weaker possession during the match. Now, Arsenal has made it to the top four with Liverpool and Chelsea in the lead. The Gunners may be just two points away from overtaking Manchester City in the league but what about in a battle of the WAGs?  

Last week, we featured the gorgeous other halves of the Liverpool and Chelsea football players. This time, let the beautiful wives and girlfriends representing Manchester City and Arsenal grace your computer screens.

We had to resist from putting up the biggest Arsenal contenders Anara Atanes and Ludivine Sagna since we've already included them here with other French and Ukrainian bombshells. For the spicier Portuguese and Swedish babes, click here!

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