How to Find the Right Job Today

How to Find the Right Job Today

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A job can be just a job.

You wake up every weekday morning at 7am, take a shower, have breakfast, hop on a bus or train (taxi if your pocket allows it), clock in just in time before your boss walks in, manage your tasks and stresses for the day, clock out after your boss leaves the office and then travel back home for dinner or just straight to sleep.

And this cycle repeats the next day.

But can a job be more than just a daily routine that leaves you with the blues on Mondays, wondering how in the world did the weekends just slip past you that fast? Yes, it can.

Working is a responsibility that most of us have thrown ourselves into when we hit adulthood. Having a job means security and in today’s fast-paced life, that translates into survival. For something that we invest in 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week, 280 hours a month and 3,360 hours per year, it needs to be more than that. You need to live. Your time matters, as does your goals and dreams.

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So if you find yourself frequently making up lame excuses to “call in sick” for work, perhaps it’s time for a change. Check out what you need to know about the rising job trends and hopefully you find a more compatible job for you to settle in next.


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Choosing to work independently based on assignments with different companies has gotten a lot more popular recently. The appeal of not having to be committed to any one employer for a long time sounds quite liberating especially when you usually get to work from home and not be managed by someone else while doing so.

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Be tech-savvy

With the rise of mobile job search, employers now expect you to have at least the basic knowledge of how to use the internet for both personal and professional use. It is a good indication for them to see how well you adapt to the ever-changing times. Video job interviews are also becoming more common recently.

Also, social media is rapidly gaining popularity and many various user platforms have popped up. However, it’s not about how frequent you use it but rather how you do it. Choose a medium like Facebook or Instagram and express yourself wisely to make your online presence known. This would help to increase your chances of getting hired.

Learn a new skill or trade

Some jobs like data entry may eventually become obsolete as technology continues to advance. With this thought in mind, don't get left behind and equip yourself with a skill like writing and making music or trade like being a nurse and carpenter for a job that would need your physical presence to perform them. Always consider upgrading yourself especially when you’re feeling too comfortable with your current job. An occasional challenge like this will do you good not only career wise but also as a person having a more fulfilled life.

A good example of learning new skills is venturing further into your current field like marketing with strategic marketing. Business is always in competition so it’s good to stand out from the rest of the herd. More companies are looking for ways to position their brands better.

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