Fusion Delight!

Fusion Delight!

Ice Edge Cafe opens its second outlet ‘Ice Edge II’ at food paradise, Upper Thomson Road and introduces new fusion dishes.

Located at Upper Thomson Road with bigger seating capacity, alfresco dining and new dishes, chef and owner Damien Low will dazzle foodies with his unique creations. Besides the array of main cuisines, expect some delicious gelato to end your sumptuous meal!

Here are some of the interesting creations and the ‘must-try’ from Chef Damien!

Crab Bisque – S$7.80


The creamy soup will not only warm your stomach and prep you for your main courses, the generous chewy bits of crab meat is so juicy and tender, you wouldn’t mind ordering another bowl!

Calamari Fritti – S$11.80


The name of this dish might sound pretty common, but the first bite was a whole unique taste! Although it was deep fried, it wasn’t as oily as I thought and the mayo sauce blended very well with the golden-brown fresh squid rings.

Pesto Cream Chicken – S$16.80


Boneless chicken thigh marinated in eight different kinds of herbs and spices, simmered till perfection before serving with delicious pesto sauce, vegetable pieces, salad and potato wedges. Yum Yum! 

Laksa Risotto with Homemade Sausages – S$18.80


This dish is definitely a ‘must-try’ for foodies! It tasted like the laksa we are familiar with! A creative and unique twist to the local favourite dish with added spice and garnish. It wasn’t very spicy or oily as compared to an authentic bowl of laksa, but I personally felt it could be a little spicier for that added surprise.

Creamy Love – S$9.80


A rich custard-based crème bulee with a layer of crispy caramel served with your favourite gelato. I was never a huge fan of crème bulee, but the ones served at Ice Edge were fluffy and light, not too creamy for the palette.

Chocolate Lava Cake Combo – S$10.80


The all-time-favourite chocolate lava cake with your desired gelato! Also known as one of the perfect mixture of hot and cold, this plate of dessert will tantalise those taste buds with its sweet chocolate cake and a nice creamy, flavourful ice cream.

King of Kings Combo – S$13.80


Talk about unique, the King of the Kings Combo is the first creation in Singapore to dish out a Mao Shan Wang Lava Cake, served with gelato of your choice! 


If you are looking for just a simple dessert, like a scoop of gelato ice cream, don’t hesitate to walk over the gelato corner and ask to try the various unique flavours! Durian lovers, you will love the Mao Shan Wang gelato and if you are lucky, you will see ‘ba kwa’ gelato too!

203 Upper Thomson Road
12pm – Midnight 

6255 4655 

More information
Ice Edge Cafe Website

Photos By Ice Edge Cafe 


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