Press to Make Up Your Own Holiday!

Press to Make Up Your Own Holiday!

Hey all, do you wish you can create your own holiday? Well, you can make that wish come true today!

Occurring on 26 of March, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day was created by Wellcat Holidays and recognised in publications, Chase’s Calendar of Events, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Wall Street Journal.

So, why don’t you blaze their innovative spirit and create your own holiday today! I racked my brain and came up with the following:

‘Your Grandfather Road’ Day
Kicking off with a local twist, I decided to commemorate the “Sticker Lady” trial with its very own holiday. Reaching heights of infamy previously reserved for Michael Fay, local graffiti artists Samantha Lo and Anthony “Antz” Chong have captured our attention by stencilling our roads with the catchphrase, “My Grandfather Road.” In addition, they also plastered provocative stickers over a pavement and road sign.

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So will they be deemed as local graffiti art pioneers or misguided vandals? Only time will tell… But in the meantime, it is an event from our history that will not be easily forgotten. And, that itself warrants a ‘Your Grandfather Road Day’.

Sleep Appreciation Day
The famous American author, Charles Bukowski once commented that he would go to sleep when suffering from writer’s block. He could be on to something. In our bustling lives, we have neglected the importance of sleep. It is said that humans need an hour of sleep for every two hours of activity. Surprisingly, sleep is considered a relatively young field of study that scientists struggle to fully understand.

Despite the mysteries surrounding sleep, I do know that I enjoy it immensely. So if you enjoy sleeping like me, let us all get on our pyjamas and observe Sleep Appreciation Day in bed.

Bed-In Day
Just as a King has a throne, I have my bed. It may be a cheap Ikea model, but it is where I feel most comfortable and relaxed. So much so that I feel that I can spend an entire day just lying between my sheets. And, I am sure that I am not alone on this.

In fact, I only have to look back to 1969 to find that John Lennon and Yoko Ono did a similar thing with their Bed-In for Peace protest. It was also where they recorded the song, Give Peace a Chance.

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You will never find a better excuse for not making up your bed!

Give up Your Seat Day
Ok so this is not something that should only be observed on one particular day, but every single day of the year. However this morning, I did observed four instances of gracious Singaporeans offering their seats up to those in need. Since the online media seems flooded with excerpts about the ‘ugly’ Singaporeans, I thought I will reverse the trend and highlight the noble deeds of these ordinary citizens.

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Try a New Cuisine Day
Singapore is a foodie heaven, how else do you explain the mountain of local food blogs, guides and programmes. It is one of the many benefits of having a multi-cultural society. But, have you really tried all Singapore has to offer? Have you ever tasted an authentic Peranakan Ayam Buah Keluak? Or maybe a mouth-watering Russian styled shish kebab? Or even a satisfying Vietnamese Banh Mi?

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No Hand phone Day
Some might say this is impossible, but it can be done. In fact, famous local comic artist Troy Chin has been without a hand phone since returning to Singapore in 2007. He is a living example that life goes on. The hand phone which started out as a tool has become an addiction. I know it is going to be difficult, but you do remember a time before hand phones right? And besides, it is only for one day.

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Conga Line Day
First, we had Psy’s Gangnam Style. Then, the Harlem Shake phenomenon exploded. I think the scene is set for us to resurrect the Conga line. Originally performed at carnivals, the dance originated from Cuba. It is relatively easy to master and plain good fun. The conga was so popular that Cuban politicians used it before elections to sway supporters.

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All together now, 1 2 3 kick!

Air Instrument Day
We have all been guilty of it. Whether be it in the comfort of your own room or on public transport, I am sure you have secretly indulged in some epic air guitaring when your favourite song comes on. Subsequently, you will unwittingly find yourself the centre of unwanted attention. Not anymore! The entire world is a stage, and we can all break out our imaginary air instruments for maximum pleasure! Just for one day. Rock on!

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Music Appreciation Day
Music is the soundtrack of our lives. It is an ever present companion that accompanies you on your travels. But, do you really listen to it? I think it is good to set aside a day to create a playlist of your favourite songs. Or maybe you can dust off your parent’s old vinyl record collection and listen to their favourite tunes?

Prepare For (Zombie) Apocalypse Day
Are you prepared for survival if there was an apocalyptic episode? With last year’s report of a face eating hobo and soothsayers prophesising the end of times, perhaps it is time we set aside a day to make sure that we have the adequate resources to survive. Maybe I have been watch one too many episodes of The Walking Dead, but it does not hurt to be a visionary and spend a dedicated day to stock our supplies and enjoy ourselves while doing so.

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Have you got any ideas for your own holiday?
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