Making History with #ThatsSoSG

Making History with #ThatsSoSG

Most of us Singaporeans live in high-rise and high-density flats as pictured above, making it one of the most iconic features of our country.

As a 90s kid, I have grown up living in a HDB flat as well. If we couldn’t go to the nearby sandy playground, the common corridor was the children’s “territory”. We would play all sorts of games like football and if we were feeling ambitious, we would organise an “estate catching” which was an exhilarating twist to the traditional game of tag. Darting in different directions, up and down the block, we felt like great explorers at the same time because most of us had never really ventured upstairs since we lived on the second floor. Being kids, we had probably made quite a racket running around and gleefully squealing “Twist! Twist!”, so that the catcher couldn’t “catch” us. Perhaps that was the perfect time to play the game as nobody stops us, making it one of the fondest memories of living in a HDB flat. It’s really like our very own modern kampong!

So what’s your favourite memory of Singapore?

With the nation currently abuzz with celebrating Singapore’s 50th birthday this year, surely you’re starting to feel a little nostalgic. Join in the conversation and be a part of the festivities, beginning with SAFRA’s latest fun and interactive contest!


SAFRA has recently launched #That’sSoSG which is a great platform to share stories of what it is to be a Singaporean. It’s also a contest with a huge range of prizes you don’t want to miss! Those who wish to participate can submit their pictures directly through the submission page or their personal social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) with the mandatory hashtags.

Running from February till end August, the contest follows a specific theme each month. It begins with #SGPatterns this month and will subsequently be followed with #SGShiok, #SGLah, #SGSoldiers, #SG Things and #SG50 Moments.

#SGPatterns paints the picture of common Singaporean behaviours like automatically thinking the food must be good if the stall gets a long queue, how we “chope” seats at hawker centres with items like tissue packets at kopitiams and our love for communicating to one another in our rojak slang of local languages and dialects.

For example:


Lunchtime: Tissue packet power… ACTIVATE! #ThatsSoSG #ThatsSoSAFRA #SGPatterns


On the #ThatsSoSG website, you can even see a digital Singapore map dotted with fellow participant’s contributions and find out which part of the country has the most number of posts. SAFRA members would get double the chance so don’t pang seh us hor! So go on, submit your best chope weapon or your favourite Singapore patterns that simply make us Uniquely Singapore.

Besides that, exclusive SG50 deals are aplenty with EnergyOne gym, Function Room and Kidz Amaze. There’s even an awesome line-up of events you can take part with family and friends like the SAFRA Mobile Snap-A-Nation, the upcoming Sprint Kids Army Days, SAFRA Yishun Open House Kampung Edition and more.

So don’t miss out on the nation’s biggest celebration yet! Participate with us and be part of the Singapore history.

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