New Sport? New Challenges? No Problem... Bring It On!

New Sport? New Challenges? No Problem... Bring It On!

Last month, we interviewed AVventura 2013 participants Hadi and Joseph who shared with us their secrets to winning it two times in a row in the Ultra Men's category.

This time, we met with Mei Shan Krishnan who is an avid rock climber. Since her late teens, she has participated and done well in many rock climbing competitions including the ones on national level! She also took part in AVventura 2013 and came in second place in the Sprint Women's category.

Watch the video below to find out more about the sport of rock climbing, how she tackles the challenges that come with it and what fun new adventure sport she wants to try next! There's nothing too tough for this young lady!


Are you also interested in working professionally in adventure sports now? You might want to check out our last interview with SAFRA's very own adventure trainer or seek for new clubhouse sports activities here!

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