Top 5 Ways to Start the Year Right

Top 5 Ways to Start the Year Right


As the new year begins, you can't help but reflect on the year before. You realise it's been a year that's been less-then-relaxing and it's time for a fresh start. Perhaps, even a chance to de-stress and consider a few healthy changes. Here is a short guide on the top five things that you can do now to start your year right!

1. Take a Chance on Meditation


Why meditation? Research has shown that meditation can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and help people with insomnia and much more. If meditation is such a great tool, where do you even begin? Shutting your eyes and breathing is just part of meditation but you can also start by listening to guided meditation on an app.

Try out Meditation Studio to work into different categories of your life such as improving your sleep cycles, anxiety levels and even happiness. The length of meditations can range from four to 30 minutes. If not, check out some of the yoga classes that SAFRA offers.

2. Live in the Present

Later is a lie we often tell ourselves and in a cliche sense, we are often told that "all we have is now". Living in the present is a difficult mental exercise, but one worth pursuing and practicing. It may sound like some new age hum drum but living for today doesn't have to be a 'carpe diem' situation.

Change up small daily habits that you tend to take for granted. For example, tidying up your work space as you go can turn into the most logical hack ever. It increases your capacity to handle chaos and disorder is other areas of your life. You get that one physical space around you settled perfectly and everything else is just #goals from that point.

3. Reorganise your Living or Work Space


Start the new year fresh by implementing simple changes to the areas that you are in the most. Take it as the first step towards 'cleansing'. Start by shifting your furniture around and bring in new decor. Get your space to the point, where it actually looks like a completely refreshed environment. Nothing is better than starting the new year with a clean home. This cleanse will not only make you feel accomplished but it'll also make you feel at ease knowing where everything is. Plus, a little structure and reorganisation never hurt anyone!

4. Finish What You Started

We definitely have those nagging errands and general to-do lists from 2017 that you just haven't found the time to complete. Don't keep projects around like pets - that will just weight you down. You will end up spending hours thinking about something that should have only taken you minutes to complete. While cleaning your space and writing down goals are important, it also crucial that you finish what you started even if it was from a few months ago. Clear out your workload, to-do lists and chores and get back to your daily grind in the new year.

5. Me, Myself and I


Being selfish is a perfectly fine quality to have. For starters, when you stop worrying about what everyone thinks - you start putting yourself first. A healthy sense of self-interest doesn't turn you into a narcissistic monster. However, it allows you to acknowledge that you can't please everyone, so you've just got yourself to please.

Take the time this year to do that thing that you need the most to take care of yourself. It is definitely important to schedule some 'me' time so that you can feel good about yourself. If not, none of it will matter as the year progresses.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to weave in what works for you this new year. Take these examples as a jump off point and work your way through the year.

Looking to take up new activities this new year? Check out some of the new events and activities coming up in SAFRA in 2018. From all of us at SAFRA, Happy New Year and have a great year ahead!

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