Knock Em' Out!

Knock Em' Out!

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has continually been on the rise all over the world, especially so in Singapore and Asia with the introduction of ONE FC. ONE FC made its debut in Singapore last year and has since then taken Asia by storm, with sold out fights in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila and Singapore.

ONE FC: Rise of Kings was no different, recording about a three thousand increase in the number of fans that attended last Saturday’s sell-out event compared to the inaugural ONE FC event – Champion VS Champion. With ringside announcer Lenne Hardt entertaining the crowd and setting the tone with a vivacious introduction, everyone seated in the Indoor Stadium knew that this would definitely be a night to remember, and of course, the fighters lived up to that.

The night started off with USA’s Mitch “The Dragon” Chilson taking on Indonesia’s Ngabi Mulyadi. Chilson has gained immense popularity in South-east Asia and the whole stadium was rooting for the American to take out his opponent. He eventually obliged, and defeated Mulyadi via a Technical Knock Out (TKO) at three minutes and 57 seconds of the second round!

The next fight was a battle across the Causeway with Malaysia’s Gianni Subba matching up against Singapore’s Bruce Loh. The crowd was definitely going to support local fighter Loh, giving him rapturous applause and cheers when he was introduced. However it did not end up in Loh’s favour with Subba knocking him out in a mere 33 seconds with stunning kick to Loh’s jaw which saw him fall to the ground before Subba followed up with a hefty punch to knock Loh out.

One of the highlights of ONE FC: Rise of Kings was the Bantamweight Grand Prix, which saw three hard battles in the Bantamweight category! The first match of the Bantamweight Grand Prix was an explosive clash between the Filipino Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon and Russian Yasup “Maestro” Saadulaev. Belington indeed lived up to his nickname and effectively silenced his opponent, with the referee signalling the match was over in three minutes and 18 seconds of the first round.

The subsequent match up in the Bantamweight Grand Prix was between Japan’s Masakatsu Ueda and Korea’s Min Jung Song! Song got the crowd all energized when he entered the stadium with PSY’s Gangnam Style, with some members of the audience dancing along. Ueda and Song battled long and hard, and completed all three rounds for it to go to the judges’ decision. Ueda was declared the winner of the fight as the judges unanimously decided in his favour.

The third and final face off in the Bantamweight Grand Prix was between Jens Pulver of USA and Zhao Ya Fei of China. At just 20 years of age, Zhao brought an unrivalled sense of enthusiasm and youth, while Pulver brought experience, having fought in over 40 professional matches in his career. The fight was head-to-head, only to end in a Technical Decision in favour of Pulver, who was unable to complete the fight due to a kick in the groin by Zhao.

All three fighters who won their respective fights in the Bantamweight Grand Prix will advance to the second round of the Grand Prix which will take place in the upcoming ONE FC events. The winner of the ONE FC Bantamweight Grand Prix will eventually battle it out for the Bantamweight World Championship title in 2013!

The next fight for the night was between Dutchman Melvin "No Mercy" Manhoef and Japanese Ryo "Rambo" Kawamura. Right from the get go, it was obvious Kawamura was more set on evading the forceful strikes of Manhoef, rather than taking the fight to him. The crowd was not too pleased with such a tactic, but Manhoef decided to take it upon himself, knocking Kawamura out with a powerful shot to the chin!

For the first time in ONE FC history, Championship titles were up for grabs. Both fights saw young rising Asian MMA fighters take on much heralded world class, experienced Brazilian fighters. The first Championship match up was for the ONE FC Bantamweight World Championship Title and it was between the young Korean Soo Chul Kim and Brazilian Leandro Issa. It was a fiery affair, and it eventually ended in the Korean’s favour, with Kim knocking his opponent onto the ground before finishing him off with a succession of strikes to knock Issa out in just 15 seconds of the second round.

The subsequent match was for the ONE FC Lightweight Championship Title and took place between Japan’s Kotetsu “No Face” Boku and Brazil’s Zorobabel Moreira. The fight was an aggressive one, with both fighters exchanging heavy strikes. The lankier Moreira looked to have the upper hand, occasionally delivering acrobatic kicks to the head of Boku together with various combinations of strikes, but Boku hung in there and also threw a range of different strikes, making this an engaging and exciting affair for the crowd. Boku finally saw an opening, delivering a series of strikes to defeat his opponent in just over a minute of the third round via a TKO.

The final match of the night was the highly anticipated Super Fight between the ever entertaining Frenchman Arnaud “The Game” Lepont and Japanese Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki! Fans were all eagerly waiting for the debut of submission specialist Aoki in the ONE FC cage, and what a debut it was! Aoki ended his matchup by taking Lepont out via a triangle choke submission in just a minute and 25 seconds into the first round, and ended ONE FC: Rise of Kings on a high!

Official Results for ONE FC: Rise of Kings

Shinya Aoki defeats Arnaud Lepont by triangle choke submission at 1:25 minutes of round 1
Kotetsu Boku defeats Zorobabel Moreira by TKO at 1:02 minutes of round 3
Soo Chul Kim defeats Leandro Issa by KO at 15 seconds of round 2
Melvin Manhoef defeats Ryo Kawamura by KO at 4:40 minutes of round 1
Jens Pulver defeats Zhao Ya Fei by unanimous decision of round 3
Masakatsu Ueda defeats Min Jung Song by unanimous decision at 3:00 minutes of round 3
Kevin Belingon defeats Yusup Saadulaev by TKO at 3:18 minutes of round 1
Gianni Subba defeats Bruce Loh by KO at 33 seconds of round 1
Mitch Chilson defeats Ngabdi Mulyadi by TKO at 3:57 minutes of round 2

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