Race Against the Norm

Race Against the Norm

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One of the most common childhood hobbies is playing with radio-controlled cars. You can race these cars using a remote control to drive it around or just simply move it alongside you as you take an afternoon stroll. It can be quite relaxing which is why some people never grow out of it when they get older. In fact, for them, it has turned into passion that can benefits them even more.

“What I like most about this hobby is that once you come here to run the car, you forget everything else. All your life worries are just gone. Plus, there’s the companionship you have here with like-minded people. When we talk even with very technical terms, we all understand one another,” said Y.S. Heng, Urban PlaySpace staff member who has also previously raced in Malaysia and Thailand against world competitors.

RC cars are definitely not toys. The hobby is truly about understanding how the car works and how to improve it, just like you would if you were a professional race car driver. The car has fixable parts that you can replace and repair yourself. The childish thrill of running these RC cars has now achieved a matured appreciation for the science behind the wheels. RC fans love the challenge of changing the set-ups of their cars according to the type of terrain for each run or race.

Though this is still a niche hobby, its community of like-minded individuals in Singapore is fast growing. There are a few places around that cater to those who wish to race their cars but none like the recently opened Urban PlaySpace at Fortune Centre.

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Tucked in the heart of the city, Urban PlaySpace is home to every RC racing enthusiast. The shop carries a variety of products for RC cars, including a beginner set that the staff would be happy to help their customers with. Don’t worry! They are a wonderful friendly bunch whom anyone can easily approach for inquiries about their cars.

What separates them from other similar stores is their own racing grounds; the normal road track and the one with jumps for your buggies. They’ve also held competitions and even support local hobbyists who compete overseas. Yup, that’s right! RC racing is a legitimate sport that has gripped the hearts of many around the world. The world of RC racing even revolves like that of motorsports; it has its own world championships!

“You have the practice then you have six rounds of qualifying. The qualifying itself will take three days and the finals will take two days. Then you have four days of practice, which is why the event lasts more than a week. Nine days actually,” explained Daryl Thong, fellow Urban PlaySpace staff member and a part-time professional RC racer who began pursuing this passion three years ago.

So with the holidays coming right around the corner, you might want to consider getting your loved one something special like a radio-controlled car. Why not encourage your kids to develop an interest in this exciting yet educational hobby that can turn into a lifelong passion? It would make for a productive school year break!

“I have met many great people through this hobby. Day by day, we help each other improve our skills and knowledge of this hobby. I would hope that our hobby gets more exposure,” Daryl added.

“We are seeing good progress ever since we opened the place. There are many newcomers who are inquiring and very interested in this. It’s very positive so we hope this continues,” Y.S. Heng continued.

We also caught up with the founders of Urban PlaySpace, How Jiang and Penny Chai. They shared with us great insights on the hobby and how their business helps to drive it forward (no pun intended!). How Jiang even told us how National Service aided him as an entrepreneur. Check out the exclusive interview below!


Want more information on the newest hotspot for RC enthusiasts? Check out Urban PlaySpace on their Facebook to see what they’re up to these days!

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