Relive Your Nightmares at USS Halloween Horror Nights 4

Relive Your Nightmares at USS Halloween Horror Nights 4


This month, beware the supernatural creatures roaming the streets – of Universal Studios Singapore, that is! The theme park is currently swept up in darkness and all things spooky with 4 Scare Zones and 4 must-visit Haunted Houses in celebration of Halloween. Brilliantly categorised into different themes that cover the top fears of the masses including shrieking ghosts and angry zombies, the entire experience is one not to be missed.

Known as Halloween Horror Nights, the USS signature event is certainly one of the most anticipated events of the year. To mark its return in its fourth instalment, more than 5000 prosthetics pieces and 18 gallons of fake blood had been produced for use this year. No wonder the set designs and actors’ make-up are amazingly realistic and detailed. Much respect to those involved in making this event possible! So if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, go get them! Need more convincing? Check out our review below!


Planning is key when going to any theme park if you want to ensure that you get to experience all the attractions and the USS’s Halloween Horror Nights 4 is no exception. While the Scare Zones are basically the connecting streets filled with selfie opportunities with the monsters, you can expect long lines of people waiting to go into the Haunted Houses. Sometimes, this can last for an hour till you can enter. So take your time exploring the different areas of the park that the organisers have painstakingly put together for you. You will be pleasantly happy with the awesome array of entertainment to feed your hunger for that chill down your spine.

The Scare Zones are strategically placed between the Haunted Houses to keep guests entertained (and scared) throughout the night. Leading towards the L.A.B (Laboratory of Alien Breeding), Scary Tales feature fairy tale characters inspired by the twisted versions by Brothers Grimm. We hope that you escape the Bald Rapunzel and the demented Red Riding Hood who are out to grab you as their prisoner.


The L.A.B. (Laboratory of Alien Breeding) may be one place you don’t want to be trapped in. These aliens that you’d find inside are actually humans being experimented on! These gruesome human-alien hybrids are vicious and will attack you if you come too near so be careful in there! And always keep your eyes open no matter how unnerving the spine-chilling atmosphere inside makes you. You don’t want to get tricked into staying! 

Past that, you may venture on into the Canyon of the Cursed and try to hide from the flying furious spirits there. Okay, they won’t actually be flying but the way they had dashed across the street to us, swooping in and screaming, we could have sworn they did. You’d just never know where these creatures would pop up around you. Always, always be on your guard, don’t say we didn’t warn ya!


The event’s mascot, the Minister of Evil, has allowed the Sergeant Major’s brutal torturing of the soldiers in Mati Camp. This Haunted House is located right at the back of the park which makes the tour through it all the more frightening. Witness cannibalism and mutilation first hand and hear the haunting cries of those poor trapped souls inside.


As you walk further, the iconic New York replica area of the park looms in the near distance but it won’t be the same one you’d recognise. Instead, it’s like apocalypse now with the “city” looking in complete ruin. Death stalks the shadowed “city” as demons crawl out from the underworld and zombies roam the earth. You’d think you’ve just stepped onto a Hollywood horror movie set. Also, there’s a particular structure of broken building somewhere in the middle of the Demoncracy Scare Zone that every visitor should walk through for a good horror movie thrill!


One of the most recurring ghost story backgrounds is a haunted school and Jing’s Revenge wonderfully encapsulated the theme. This was honestly one Haunted House that we dreaded the most, thanks to the many stories shared back during school camps. Set up in Sound Stage 28, it certainly had the feel of a great Asian horror classic except you’re an active part of the movie. Whatever that makes the story good, they have it here. Creepy students, gruesome toilets… You name it. This might have also been the longest we had to wait to get in for but it was all worth it at the end. Thankfully, we survived too.


The scare just doesn’t seem to end at the USS. Take another turn towards Sting Alley where the Bogeyman lurks. This Scare Zone is the perfect nightmare for those who used to be afraid of the dark before sleep. “Something’s in my closet!” Well, relive that fear as you walk through the alley where creepy children would keep calling your name.


And last but certainly not the least is Jack’s 3-Dementia. Faintly reminiscent of TV horror craze American Horror Story: Freak Show, this horrible nightmare of clowns waits to jump out at you from dark corners and scare the heck out of you with their grotesque face paint. Spot the near 20 different clowns if you dare. But what really sets them apart from the other Haunted Houses is that you’d have to put on 3D glasses for this one. Why? Well, the scariest experience for your mind may just be the distortion of reality and that is definitely tested in that crazy funhouse in eye-popping illusions.


Throughout the night at three specific timings, Jack’s Nightmare Circus would grace the stage of Pantages Hollywood Theater where you can witness various heart-stopping stunts by a talented cast including aerial combats, contortionists and even The Great Gordo Gamsby who’s the holder of 9 Guinness World Records with the most concrete blocks broken on the stomach in one minute.

Be part of the thrills and chills at Halloween Horror Nights 4 at Universal Studios Singapore! Don’t miss it!

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*Photos courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa


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