Running in Different Weather Conditions

Running in Different Weather Conditions

Running is not just an endurance affair

Adverse weather conditions can put your months of marathon training into the bin. However, confronting a challenging weather on race day does not always equate to a negative running experience. With SSBR & AHM just a couple of days away, check out these four scenarios we have laid out for you and tips on how to make the best of these galling situations and still finish a smiling champion!

Condition 1: Heat

It is especially hard to run when it’s hot. Studies have shown that performance drops considerably when exercising in blazing heat and prolonged exposure under an overbearing sun can hasten the chance of overheating.

Tips on running in aggravating heat

To reduce the chance of overheating, stay hydrated before, during and after the run. Check out the race route map below and do remember to satiate your thirst by making full use of the marathon’s 13 water points.

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Try adjusting your pace for the first few miles to ensure you have sufficient energy to finish strong. If you experience muscle cramps, dizziness or nausea during the run, immediately seek shelter in a shaded area, and cool the skin with water.


Condition 2: Rain

Running in the rain could be a double-edged sword. While it cools down your body temperature, it also causes muscles to tense up, thus resulting in muscle cramps and aches. Also, running along slippery terrains could lead to a treacherous affair, not to mention the discomfort of running in soggy socks.

Tips on running in heavy rain

If possible, put on a nylon windbreaker to keep the freezing wind out and your body warm. Shorten your strides and try to relax to reduce the chance of muscle cramps, and when you feel any aching on the legs, hop on over to the Tiger Balm Active Muscle Rub stations along the race route. Ultimately, stay positive and focus on the race, don’t let the rain pour on you!


Condition 3: Lightning

As if getting all drenched is not bad enough, getting caught in a lightning storm, now that is a whole new level of running. With the craze of taking photos amidst wild and crazy weather conditions gaining popularity, it is certainly not recommended that you do this when running in a wide open field, especially when there is a lightning storm.

Tips on running during a lightning storm

The best advice is to run out of the storm and get to a safe place like a nearby building as soon as possible. Be cautious and ensure that you are not taking shelter under a tree. With lightning strikes, its best to avoid large open areas.


Condition 4: Haze 

Although Singapore may not have four seasons, the haze period, usually occurs around the months of May to October and its one of the least looked forward to period for Singaporeans. Depending on the severity, running outdoors in a hazy environment increases the uptake of airborne contaminants and will negatively affect your cardiovascular system.

Tips on running during the haze

In the event of a Haze situation (fingers crossed that it won’t happen), you’d be best to keep a close watch on on the Pollution Standard Index (PSI) levels before the race. So long as the PSI readings do not exceed 100 (the unhealthy level), it is relatively safe for healthy individuals to participate in the run.

Of course, we hope that you don’t encounter any of these mentioned situations this weekend at the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon. So be mentally prepared and enjoy the marathon this Sunday. See you at the race!

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