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The Fins Swim School | SAFRA

The FINS Swim School was established in November 2012 with SAFRA Toa
Payoh as the first centre. The school is managed by Head Coach, Lionel Leong. - 69k

Adventure Sports Centre| Outdoor Sports Singapore | SAFRA

SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre offers a wide range of climbing walls and
adventure activities. - 68k

SAFRA Celebration Run & Ride 2015

Experience Singapore's first-of-its-kind running event with thrilling rides! In
celebration of SG50 and SAF50, SAFRA Celebration Run & Ride will be a
special day ... - 63k

SAFRA Membership Expiry

Join SAFRA as a member today and enjoy all perks and privileges available for
members. Here's how you can apply and renew your membership. - 64k

Enjoy | SAFRA

Enjoy all the facilities available at SAFRA's clubs islandwide. %7B56139EC7-01D5-41BF-A7C1-36BA54678DDD%7D - 96k

SAFRA Education Scheme

Are you an aspiring individual looking to unleash your potential? The SAFRA
Education Scheme was formed in 1994, with the aim to provide opportunities for
 ... - 62k

SAFRA Member Services | NSMen Portal Singapore

SAFRA member services include education schemes, free legal advice and
wealth management programs. Check out our website for more information. - 64k

SAFRAPOINTS | SAFRA NSMen Portal Singapore

Collect your SAFRAPOINTS and redeem a range of attractive products, services
and vouchers. - 64k

Kids Amaze | Indoor Playgrounds | SAFRA

Kidz Amaze is one of the largest indoor playgrounds in Singapore that is
equipped with vertical mazes and huge playground arena. We also have party
rooms to ... - 70k

SAFRA Yishun Country Club

Enjoy all the facilities available at SAFRA's clubs islandwide. - 123k