Flippa Ball

Flippa Ball

Venue: SAFRA Mount Faber | SAFRA Yishun Country Club
Date/Time: SAFRA Mount Faber : Mon, 7pm - 8.30pm
SAFRA Yishun Country Club : Tue, 7pm - 8.30pm
Fees: $240 / 10 Lessons

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What is Flippa Ball?

Flippa Ball Flippa Ball

Flippa Ball is a simplified version of water polo that introduces the sport to juniors by providing an enjoyable, interactive game that will encourage them to pursue the sport.

Played in a wading pool of about 1m in depth, Flippa Ball can be played by all children aged 7 – 12 years old regardless of their height, gender and, most importantly of all, their swimming ability. Children may use the bottom of the pool to rest and to feel safe and secure. 

Parents also play an active role in the game, be it in the pool as a participant or out of the pool as a cheering spectator.

Basic Rules of Flippa Ball

  • Two teams of equal number of players, minimum 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper each.
  • The game consists of four quarters of five minutes duration, with three minutes in between each quarter.
  • Each team then moves the ball towards the opponent's goal with the aim of scoring a goal.
  • Players may catch the ball with either one or two hands, but can only pass or shoot with one hand.
  • While holding the ball, players are not permitted to walk along the bottom of the pool or take the ball under water. They must either swim with the ball or pass the ball to a team mate.
  • When a player has hold of the ball they cannot be tackled. Other players must allow the player in possession of the ball to be able to pass or shoot the ball.

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