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Shaw Theatres

Enjoy daily discounted movie tickets from as low as $7.50

49 Seats

SAFRA member promotions at 49 Seats

Andersen's of Denmark

Cool off with Andersens of Denmark ice cream with 10%* off

ethan men

ethan men

Enjoy discounts at ethan men!

Calling all NSmen!

Join us to enjoy lifestyle perks, discounts and more

SAFRA membership is open to all Operationally Ready NSmen, full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), former SAF NSmen (excluding those transferred to the Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Police Force), SAF Regulars, Defence Executives Officers as well as female spouses and children (except NSFs).

Have a query about memberships? Email us or call 1800 377 9800 or 6377 9893.

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