SAFRA Points Rewards Programme
Dear Members,

As we are currently experiencing a surge in redemptions during this peak period, please expect a processing lead time of 4 to 5 weeks for your redemptions.

We thank you for your continuous support and understanding!

Reward yourself: Spend your way to great prizes at SAFRA Clubs

SAFRAPOINTS Rewards Programme rewards SAFRA Members for their patronage at SAFRA Clubs and participating merchants.

Every $1 spent = 1 SAFRAPOINT earned

Every 100 SAFRAPOINTS is worth $2 in value
(equivalent to 2% rebate)

In addition, you can earn DOUBLE SAFRAPOINTS when
you spend during your birthday month!

5 ways to earn your SAFRAPOINTS*

5 ways to earn your SAFRAPOINTS

SAFRAPOINTS earned by members will be automatically combined with his/her dependent member(s), if any. Dependent members who wish to enquire and redeem the combined SAFRAPOINTS will need to be authorised by the Principal member. Principal member can login to mySAFRA to do the authorisation.

All SAFRAPOINTS earned between 1 Jan to 30 Nov will expire on 31 Dec of the same calendar year. Points earned in the month of Dec will expire on 31 Dec of the following year.

Members can also earn 1 additional grand draw chance automatically in our annual SAFRA Membership Grand Draw for every 50 unredeemed SAFRAPOINTS at the end of each calendar year and stand to win attractive prizes. Visit www.safra.sg/granddraw for more details.

For further enquiries on SAFRAPOINTS, you may call 1800 377 9800 or email to safrapoints@safra.sg

Note: If you did not earn any SAFRAPOINTS during your transaction(s) at participating SAFRAPOINTS merchants, please email to safrapoints@safra.sg with the receipt or document proof to support your claim within 2 months from the date or transaction.

* Excludes spending made at Slot Machines, purchase of discounted vouchers, payment for SAFRA DBS Credit/Debit card, Car Park Fees, Child Education Policy, SAFRA AIG Insurance Plans, SAFRA Ezy Travel Plan, security deposits, fines, tender deposits and document fees and non-group insurance schemes. Other terms and conditions apply. Please refer here for more details.

# For a complete list of participating merchants, please refer to www.safra.sg/safrapoints-partners.

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