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About Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS)

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS)

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) is a social service agency established in 1957. CPAS provides persons with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities with early intervention, special education, rehabilitation services, day activity centre programmes as well as vocational training and gainful employment in Singapore.

Through active advocacy and the support of equal opportunities for all persons with cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities, CPAS hopes to empower these individuals by helping them realise their full potential and lead fulfilled, dignified lives. Built on core values of passion, integrity, care, and excellence, the organisation is focused on delivering fully integrated programmes and services at the highest standards. At present, CPAS looks after over 700 clients ranging in age from a few months to 55 years old.

About Down Syndrome Association

Down Syndrome Association Singapore

The Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) (DSA(S)) is a primarily self-funding, non-profit social service agency with the Institute of Public Character status, which works closely and regularly with healthcare and educational professionals, and voluntary welfare organisations. The Association is affiliated to international bodies such as the International Federation of Down Syndrome and the Asia-Pacific Federation of Down Syndrome, and regularly works in tandem with other Down Syndrome associations worldwide.

DSA(S) is committed to:

  • Enable a person with Down Syndrome to attain his/her full potential
  • Provide support to families and caregivers of persons with Down Syndrome
  • Help a person with Down Syndrome to lead a normal life and thus be able to contribute to society
  • Educate the public on Down Syndrome
  • Help integrate a person with Down Syndrome into mainstream society
  • To enable a richer and more meaningful life for all people with Down Syndrome

About SAF Care Fund

SAF Care Fund

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Care Fund is set up to provide additional support to SAF servicemen who are severely disabled due to military service, over and above MINDEF's existing compensation and welfare frameworks. The Fund enables members of the public to make contributions and show their support to injured servicemen.

Under MINDEF's existing compensation framework, injured servicemen will receive a lump sum compensation based on the degree of permanent disability sustained. The amount is doubled for disabilities that results from military training or operations. Additional amounts are also provided to servicemen with total permanent disability who require constant care.

MINDEF will also pay for all medical expenses for the treatment of injured servicemen at government/restructured hospitals or clinics. This includes the costs of medical supplies and equipment, counselling and psychological care, for as long as required by the servicemen. MINDEF and SAF provide a broad range of welfare support to assist injured servicemen and families of deceased servicemen. Under the SAF Benevolent Fund, several types of welfare grants are provided.

Over and above the existing frameworks, the SAF Care Fund provides additional financial support to severely disabled servicemen who require long term care and support. The SAF Care Fund will rely on funds donated by the public which MINDEF will provide a one-for-one matching grant.

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