Anime Fiesta!

Anime Fiesta!

Did you catch the Anime Festival Asia 2013 (AFA 2013) over the weekend?

Having previously brought you the low-down on Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2013, we squeezed with the 85,000 people strong crowd to bring you the full AFA 2013 experience. Now into its sixth year, the regional convention event was held over the course of three days. Taking place at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, it was a madhouse of cosplayers, animation (anime) fans and artists. 

Excited local fans were delighted for the chance to rub shoulders with popular anime idols as they learned more about their beloved animation series. The festival also boasted a music component with their I Love Anisong concert series featuring popular J-pop artist May’n, LiSA and Singapore’s very own Valarie Tang! 

But overall, it was the colourful cosplayers who really stole the show with their ingenious creations! Just as with our Cosplay Goddesses, we braved the AFA 2013 pandemonium to bring you what’s hot and what’s not!

*Photos courtesy of Shaun Mun


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