Get Fit: Hamstrings

Get Fit: Hamstrings

“Every muscle must be tight.”

Though just one of the many catchphrases from Martin Scorsese’s cult film Taxi Driver, it is actually quite the pearl of wisdom for those in training for SAFRA Singapore Bay Run (SSBR). There is one problem. Though the statement does highlight the goal for your training plan, it does not quite illustrate the path to get there.

Well, you can rest easy now with the launch of SAFRA’s Get Fit fitness video series! Our Get Fit series will serve as your one stop training guide as exercise specialist, Roy demonstrates simple exercises to help hone specific lower body muscle groups. This will definitely have a rippling effect on your SSBR training. 


So without further ado, check out Get Fit very first episode now!  

SSBR Training Playlist

It is a long way to SSBR. And, we know that it is a lonely road when you are in midst of your training. So, we have decided to compile a SSBR Training Playlist to accompany you as you undertake your training regime! Chock with the best musical hits that the year has to offer, we are confident that these musical numbers are going to motivate you to a heart pumping workout in no time.  

1. I Could’ve Been Your Girl by She & Him 
Opening off with the warm soothing sounds of She & Him, we are sure that the new offering from Zooey Deschanel is the perfect melodious way to warm up for that gruelling workout ahead.

2. Get Lucky (featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers) by Daft Punk 
So you are warmed up now, but your joints are still feeling a little lazy. There is nothing better than a little disco fever to get those limbs grooving. The enigmatic French dance duo, Daft Punk is happy to oblige and collaborates with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers to put your feet into gear.

3. All The Time by The Strokes 
It is still early into your run and you are struggling to maintain your running pace. No problem, just let this rhythmic composition by Julian Casablancas and co guide you to a metronomic running pace.

4. Every Chance We Get We Run (featuring Tegan & Sara) by David Guetta and Alesso 
The pavement is slowly eating away at your feet. You feel sluggish and you barely covered half of your route. Time to bring out the pulsating Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to up the ante! This collaboration between indie darlings, Tegan & Sara together with world renowned DJ, David Guetta will assist in building your running momentum!

5. Girls Gone Wild by Madonna 
You are feeling the burn throughout your body and it feels good. So, let’s keep that vibe going with a feel good offering from the Material Girl. Madonna’s latest EDM inspired number will ensure that you maintain that positive outlook even as fatigue starts to rear its ugly head.

6. I Need Your Love (featuring Ellie Goulding) by Calvin Harris 
Before you know it, you are three quarters in. You notice that you are alone and it is just the pavement, Mother Nature and you. The solitude feels strangely soothing. Immerse yourself into delirium with this uplifting EDM track from Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris.

7. Sacrilege by Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
By this time, you are probably nearing the last leg of your run. As you brace yourself for the final sprint, let indie punk queen Karen O’s rebel yell push you to give it your all. The catchy song riffs will be stuck in your head as the adrenaline kicks in.

8. Love is Blindness by Jack White 
It is a surreal experience as you are experiencing a physical high from that mad sprint. It is time to slow the tempo down and prepare for your cool for cooling down. Jack White is happy to present this number as you drop your running pace.

9. Into The Past by Nero 
You are now slow-walking your way to your cool down spot. In between your sips of water, let the euphoric sounds of Nero calm your heart down. The atmospheric song is just the aural relaxant that your body craves after a taxing workout.  

10. Just Give Me A Reason (Featuring Nate Ruess) by Pink 
Finally, it is time for your cool down exercises. It is the home stretch and you earned your well-deserved rest. So, let this soulful pop number from Pink and Nate Ruess bring the curtain down on your satisfying workout.


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