Hottest Football WAGs: Ukraine vs France

Hottest Football WAGs: Ukraine vs France

For the second time, Brazil will be hosting the biggest football event in June 2014. That’s right; it’s almost FIFA World Cup time! Whether you're a fanatic or a casual fan, you can't escape football fever that is already starting to sweep the world once again.

Speaking of what’s hot, the beautiful game will not be complete with the beautiful people. We’re talking about the ever supportive wives and girlfriends of the football players, also known as WAGs. So since Ukraine will be facing one-time World Cup winner France on 15/11/13 in the next qualifying round, we thought it would be fun to put together a list for these two countries and see how their beauties would fare against each other.


10. Kristen Pazik

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American, blonde and legs that go from here to heaven. 35-year-old Kristen has been with the former Ukrainian football player Andriy Shevchenko a.k.a Sheva since they got married in 2004. Here is a fun fact about their relationship, they don't communicate in English. Instead, they talk to each other in Italian. They have three sons now and want them to learn the English language. There are also rumours that seem to hint on her being unhappy, making it the main reason for why they keep moving from city to city. However Sheva denies this and claims it as a family interest. But who cares about cheap gossip when you're a successful model like Kristen?


9. Hayet Abidal

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This Algerian-French beauty is the wife of the French national team centre-back Eric Abidal. Growing up in the same neighbourhood in Lyon, they started dating in 2000 and got married seven years later. She is a former gymnast and used to do beauty pageants but now this hot mama has three daughters with the 34-year-old football star. She is also quite active on Twitter under the account name @Melicanel. Time to learn a foreign language maybe? Oui, oui!


8. Claire Merry

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You may be wondering why we still included her in our list. But you cannot talk about the WAGs of France without mentioning this British model. She married the former French striker Thierry Henry two years after they met during the filming of the Renault Clio commercial in 2001. On top of owning a lingerie company called Pretty Dirty Things, she is also an actress. This brunette hottie made her acting debut in 1997 as a stewardess in The Fifth Element. She also uses Twitter and you can find her here.


7. Sarah Williams

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Only 20 years old and she is currently dating French striker Karim Benzema. What’s even more interesting is the fact that Sarah was only 15 and he was 21 when they first started going out. They stopped seeing each other after a while and then got back together in late 2011. Little is known about them yet there are sites online that contain information that makes us raise our eyebrows. Are they really cousins? Whether that is true or not, this young woman is not at all fazed about having her photos taken by paparazzi all the time and living like a celebrity.


6. Charlene Suric

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Three years later, Umbro came up with a World Champions jersey line and held a photo shoot to showcase them. The models were none other than the WAGS themselves, representing their men and their country. Charlene proudly wears her husband’s name ‘Clichy’ on the back of the French jersey.


5. Barbara Anelka

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This Belgian native is French footballer Nicolas Anelka’s wife. She moved to Paris for a dance career where the beautiful couple first met. She is not only gorgeous but very talented. Barbara is a model, choreographer and singer and now takes the corporate world of events and public relations by storm, handling clients in major companies like Adidas, Sony Ericsson and celebrities like Jay-Z and P. Diddy. Now that is a real woman in charge!


4. Marine Lloris

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Ah, nothing like love between two high school sweethearts! The sweet-looking Cagnes-sur-Mer native first met French captain Hugo Lloris in Thierry Maulnier high school where they studied. Since then, they have been in a long term relationship. They had a daughter in 2010 and got married two years later. The Deputy Mayor of Nice himself officiated their wedding. Marine regularly posts updates on Twitter here.

3. Yulia Voronin

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Our second Ukrainian contender is striker Andriy Voronin’s wife Yulia who has been named ‘Worst dressed WAG’. Judge for yourself here. But this blonde bombshell is not offended by the media name calling and has expressed before that she wears whatever she wants. Yulia portrays the kind of woman who is confident in her own skin and with this amount of pressure from the limelight (or paparazzi camera flash), that is an impressive display of positive attitude.


2. Anara Atanes

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Anara is also not just another pretty face. Check out her Twitter. This British vixen is a model, actress and singer. Despite being scouted at 15, she declined at first and continued her studies instead until she turned 19 when she felt she was ready for it. She’s the leading lady in Jay Sean music videos and does campaigns for major brands like the UK promotion for America’s Next Top Model TV show. It is no wonder boyfriend French midfielder Samir Nasri is completely smitten!

1. Ludivine Sagna

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And the top place goes to… French model Ludivine! She is the stunning wife of French defender Bacary Sagna. How he manages to capture her heart is a mystery every man wants to know. For a couple who each has such a high profile career, they keep a very private personal life. But you can keep up with her occasional tweets here.

The French bombshells may have dominated our list this time but we will have to witness the real action on the football field to see who comes out on top, getting their chance to win the World Cup 2014!


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