Top 10 Tips for IPPT Training: Standing Broad Jump

Top 10 Tips for IPPT Training: Standing Broad Jump

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Does the idea of jumping far scare you? Or is it just the fear of falling that hinders you?

Jumping is one of the most basic forms of locomotion which allows the entire body to be airborne for a particular period of time. For some people, it’s a way to express a strong emotion like extreme happiness and even a skill in certain sports or activities like basketball and parkour. But for some others, it’s also a venture into the unknown. 

This is perhaps why the most dreaded IPPT station is the Standing Broad Jump. According to Singapore fitness author and personal trainer Coach Jon, there is a higher chance at building up endurance for the 2.4km run than improving in the standing broad jump in the same amount of time. 

Why is this so?

The SBJ is a countermovement type of jump that involves a sudden burst of energy so it requires power. While everyone has a set amount of natural body power, it can still be further developed to make you stronger and be able to produce a larger output. In order to do well in the Standing Broad Jump, you need to set aside time to train what’s already inside of you. With strength comes speed which is also important in building up power due to the force-velocity curve. It is important to maximize the necessary muscles as this will lead to the peak level of velocity of the movement and thus a powerful jump.

Now that you know what you need to focus on when preparing for the SBJ station, we show you where to start. Check out these top 10 tips that can help you ace your IPPT!

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