WAG(ging) Between Sweden and Portugal

WAG(ging) Between Sweden and Portugal

With Portugal leading Sweden 1-0, all eyes were on one of the world’s most famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as he put Portugal in the driving seat for next year’s FIFA World Cup tournament in Brazil. As the second and final leg of this upcoming qualifying match approaches, most die-hard Swedish and Portuguese fans will be on pins and needles in the hope that their team makes the flight to Rio.

However for the rest of the footballing world, this match will serve as an excellent opportunity to ogle at WAGs on display! WAGs, if you don’t already know, stands for high-profile footballers “Wives and Girlfriends”. First coined by the British tabloids, these trophy wives and girlfriends came to prominence in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. They have become such a big cultural phenomenon that they have invaded our small screens! We bet you didn’t know that there is a television drama series called Footballers’ Wives.  

Having previously set your tongues ‘wagging’ with the hottest Ukrainian and French WAGs, let us provide some of the hottest blonde and olive-skinned beauties to feast your eyes on!


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