Dear SAFRA Volunteers,

For the many committees within SAFRA, July marks the start of another new service term. The new term also brings along new volunteers and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new fellow committee members and applaud those that have stayed on for another term with us. We would also like to express our appreciation to all volunteers who have completed their service term recently! Thank you for all your dedicated service!

It has been a challenging year for many of us but most importantly, we have remained strong and kept each other safe. Let’s continue to be the backbone of SAFRA and we hope to see our volunteers face to face as soon as physical activities are made permissible under the new normal.


Urban Farming Workshop
27 March 2021

On 27th March 2021, 19 of our volunteers attended the Urban Farming Workshop online over Zoom. The new normal has definitely increased interest in knowing more about growing our own food at home, specifically our own herbs and vegetables. Each volunteer that signed up received their own herb starting kit worth $35 with delivery right to their doorstep!

Our guest speaker from WWEdibles shared more about how we can cultivate our own Asian herb garden in our own homes. She was very informative and our volunteers learnt much from her.

We have even received feedbacks from our volunteers to venture into workshops to grow our own fruits! We believe this will definitely be one-of-a-kind experience for all our volunteers.


Mobile Photography Workshop
13 June 2021

To create camaraderie between our volunteers, we have invited the Chairman of both the SAFRA Photographic Club as well as Digital Media Club Committees, Mr Lawrence Pang to conduct a Mobile Photography Workshop exclusively for all volunteers. On 13th June, 16 volunteers joined the online workshop and learnt some tips and tricks to capture beautiful pictures on their own mobile phones.

It was a very pleasant experience learning from our very own. Lawrence is definitely the go-to man for all our digital needs and it shows! Our volunteers were all smiles to see familiar faces. They got hands-on learning tips to do simple post-edits for their photos as well. Now, they’re all ready to capture picturesque memories with their families and friends!


EC Induction Session
8 July 2021

To welcome our new Executive Committee members, we held a virtual induction session over Zoom platform, headed by the Volunteer Management Committee (VMC). Although we did not get to meet and interact over our usual BBQ networking session usually held in conjunction with the induction, it was nonetheless a pleasure to meet new faces and get to know each other, albeit virtually.

Our VMC members outlined the background and objectives of SAFRA as well as introduced the different serving committees within SAFRA. They also contributed with experiences and stories from their volunteering journey in SAFRA, especially of the friendships generated and rekindled through their volunteering journey with us.

Here's wishing the new EC members a meaningful and fruitful journey ahead of them!


Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2021
Time: 8pm - 10pm

We’ve captured memories in our Mobile Photography workshop previously, now learn how to put together a home video of your own! Participants will get to learn the proper technique of taking videos on their mobile phones and simple after-shot edits from the Chairman of both SAFRA Photographic Club and Digital Media Club Committees, Mr Lawrence Pang.

Join us in this exclusive volunteers-only experience! Fancy production equipment needed? Just have your handy-dandy mobile phone with you will do.

Register your interest now by emailing in to by 16 August 2021.


SAFRA Entrepreneurs’ Club is extending their FREE membership program exclusively for SAFRA members. Their buddy referral program ends 31 Mar 2022. Sign up together with a friend and receive an exclusive SEC gift each (worth $10)!

About SEC
SEC is an interest group where you can find other young budding entrepreneurs to network and gain valuable insights from industry experts and business professionals through a wide range of seminars, webinars, masterclasses, networking sessions and the annual SAFRA Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace.

1. Discounted admission to SEC-organised events
2. Exclusive invites to partners’ events Priority notification and registration for SEC Marketplace

To sign up, email to


Less than a month away from our country’s National Day! Here are some fun facts you can tell your families and friends to show your patriotism.

1) The full National Anthem is printed in micro-text on the back of Singapore’s S$1,000 Portrait series currency note.

2) National Day celebrations used to be held in the mornings until the year 1973, when it was shifted to an evening parade to increase attendance. In 2018, 25,000 people attended the parade.

3) In Michigan USA, there is a ghost town called Singapore.

4) Singaporeans have one of the fastest walking speed in the world.

5) The Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park.