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72 Hours In Langkawi (Langkawi - Part 1)

SAFRA had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Langkawi, Malaysia to experience the beautiful surroundings for four days! Check out Part 1 of our Langkawi guide to see what we did over the first three days in Langkawi!

Experiencing Langkawi's Natural Beauty (Langkawi Part 2)

During our trip to Langkawi, Malaysia, we revelled in the beauty of our surroundings and we treated to an exclusive tour with the island’s renowned naturalist Irshad Mobarak! We were even lucky enough to come across a Great Hornbill!

Going Under The Sea (Langkawi Part 3)

In our third and final part of our Langkawi series, we head out to Pulau Payar Marine Park to see the amazing marine life in Langkawi's clear blue waters! With such a peaceful and serene setting at the Marine park, you'll definitely want to stay in Langkawi forever!