10 Easy-to-Make Father's Day Gifts

10 Easy-to-Make Father's Day Gifts

Ah, Father's Day.

Singapore celebrates this special day on June 15th which is set aside for the one who has cared for you, picked you up when you're down and taught you how to be the responsible person that you are today. He has worked hard to make sure you will always have a roof over your head, a sanctuary from the world to come home to.

He's also the same person who knows all the terrible jokes in the world and never fails to tell them over and over again. Sometimes he would start doing the "twist" in public even though he's got two left feet (and knows). If that isn't embarrassing enough for you, he would insist to take pictures at every opportune moment but never really gets everyone in shot or the photos mostly come out blurry.

But that's Dad, the first Superman you know.

So for someone who has provided so much for you and the rest of the family over the years, how do we show our appreciation this Father's Day? We've got great gift ideas that you can make yourself which your dad will truly treasure.


Photo sourced from core2.com

1. "Special Dates" Art Print

There are many shops online like Somebody Else’s Project that sell beautiful art prints such as this one. This thoughtful gift is a beautiful reminder of special moments like birthdays and wedding anniversary. However if you’re pressed for time or money, you can easily create them using your own computer on programs like Photoshop or even the basic Paint. Design your own art print and Dad will be impressed.


Photos sourced from modpodgerocksblog.com and bhg.com

2. Coaster set

Make your own set of drink coasters using photos that you think Dad might like. Perhaps some kind of artwork or old school DC comics (bonus points if Dad’s a fan!) and decoupage them onto square tiles. Back the tiles with felt so that they won’t scratch surfaces.

Photo sourced from brit.co

3. Leather Cord Roll

Dads would appreciate practical gifts and if he’s the type who is kind of a tech geek with his HDMI cable for this and USB cable for that, get him a cool storage cord roll. Better yet, make it. Here’s a step by step guide.


Photo sourced from brit.co

4. Oreo Pancakes with Marshmallow Sauce

They say the key to a man’s heart is his stomach so why not make a delicious breakfast treat for Dad? These crispy Oreo pancakes with marshmallow sauce would make a great treat to start the morning off right. Check out the simple recipe here.


Photo sourced from pictureperfectmeals.com

5. French Bread Pizzas

Speaking of food, try your hand at making these French bread pizzas also known as the Poor Man’s Pizza that will only take you 15 minutes to prepare. Sinful, yes. But hey, who doesn’t like pizza?


Photo sourced from brit.co

6. Floppy Disk Planters

Since you're not using them anymore, why not create a new use for them? In this case, plant new green life within four pieces of floppy disks. This would be great if Dad’s into gardening. What a thoughtful gift for the one who mostly like introduced you to floppy disks in the first place.


Photo sourced from stylemepretty.com

7. Shirt Tie

How about a new tie for Dad? Check out these easy-to-follow instructions to making one all special and unique. Bonus points for matching it with the shirts he usually wears so the tie would go perfectly well.


Photo sourced from marthastewart.com

8. Desk Photo Frame

Compile a few of Dad’s favourite photos of the family and piece them together to form a word or his name. He can place this adorable photo frame in his office while at work.


Photo sourced from minie.co.uk

9. Lego Key Holder

First, you may need to order a special type of Lego piece (in blue above) to attach the key. Then the rest should be easy to follow through with any old Lego pieces you might have lying around at home. It’s another practical gift that’s simple to make and looks really neat just about anywhere.


Photo sourced from craftionary.net

10. "I Love You This Much!" Card

This art creation is simple, cute and may put a smile on Dad’s face. It would be a nice touch to get your younger siblings to present it to him.

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