3 Easy Steps to Perform the Olympic Flip Turn

3 Easy Steps to Perform the Olympic Flip Turn


The Flip Turn

A significant moment in Singapore’s history was made recently as we watched Joseph Schooling clinch the Gold Medal for the 100m Butterfly Stroke. As we watched with bated breath, the entire nation celebrated this moment.

Wondered how the Olympians did the Flip Turn?

It looks like this:

Olympic Flip Turn

As they reached the end of the pool they do a Flip and Turn Manoeuvre to save time on the transition of swimming in competitions at the same time to leverage on the push off the wall.

SAFRA FINS Swim School gave us some insights as to how this move is done in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Glide and Extend Arm

Olympic Flip Turn

What to look out for:

  • As you approach the end of the pool, you should be gliding along and not performing a stroke.
  • Make sure you have one hand extended in front of you.

Special Notes:
Having the hand up in front of you is to help you gauge the space you need to turn. If your finger tips are nearly touching, you can perform the turn immediately. Or else you might accidentally hit the wall on execution of the flip turn. If done well, after the turn, you would have enough distance for you to dip your head for the turn and use your legs to kick off the wall, simply because your turn was near enough for your legs to leverage off the wall.

Step 2: The Turn

Olympic Flip Turn

What to look out for:

  • Using the momentum of your stroke, enter the turn by tucking your legs and chin in, as if you are performing a somersault position on the floor.
  • As you flip, blow out the air through your nose.
  • If you feel water coming in your ears, its normal. Don't worry... it happens.
  • Extend and push off from the wall.

Step 3: The Recovery

After the flip, you are facing up to the water surface. You need to recover back to your stroke position.

Olympic Flip Turn

What to look out for:

  • As you push off, remember to tilt your body to the side.
  • Ensure your arms are extended in front of you clasped together to form the stream-line body for a smoother flow through the water.

After receiving these instructions, I felt confident to have a go at it. I did learn swimming before, but I have not tried my hand at the move of the Flip Turn before and it was… actually quite smooth sailing! See for yourself.

Well… sort of.

Feel free to have a good laugh at my attempt. I had a few tries before this one appeared nicely. It is actually quite easy to pull it off and it was thanks to the patient SAFRA FINS Swim Coach.

Take this new found skill and participate in our upcoming Swim for Hope 2016! For the first time, there is a “Families for Life” Parent & Child category to build stronger bonds among family members while raising funds for beneficiaries of Community Chest, SAF Care Fund and Special Olympics.

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