30 Reasons to Love STGCC 2014

30 Reasons to Love STGCC 2014

Earlier this month, the Singapore Toy, Games and Comics Convention made its much anticipated return at Marina Bay Sands. There were many costume clad visitors amidst the crowd which added to the fun atmosphere during the two-day event.


Up on the main stage to kick things off that Saturday were Cameron Stewart and David Mack, the artists behind the upcoming sequel of Fight Club as a graphic novel. Fans were treated to great insights on the project as well as Cameron’s other work on revamping Batgirl’s look and David’s Temple of the Art.

Those who love anime had the amazing opportunity to catch an exclusive interview with voice actor Tomokazu Sugita. The occasion marked his first appearance in South East Asia. The beloved guest was warmly welcomed with a huge turnout by the stage and loads of fan girl squeals.


But it’s not just the main stage that kept busy. The entire convention hall was constantly jam packed with activities. Various stalls were lined up catering to different interests in comic books, cosplaying, board games, drawing and so much more. There were even toys proudly displayed in glass boxes for everyone’s viewing pleasure. These included the limited edition Marvel superhero figurines that were the main attraction of the weekend.

Throughout the day, notable guests like the Amazing Spider-Man comic artist Humberto Ramos, creator of The Famous Chunkies Alex Solis, customised sneaker artist Sekure D and even our very own renowned cosplayer Lenneth XVII visited different sections of the event. Fans got to meet them for pictures and a quick chat. We managed to catch up with them in this exclusive interview below!


Other highlights from the event included a thrilling showcase by FightSaber that made everyone a Star Wars fan (at least for that afternoon) as well as DJ Night where DJs like Sasakure. UK and Meltdown led a party for the enthusiastic crowd.

Can’t get enough of STGCC? Relive your memories with us below!

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