4 Local Foods to pair with your favourite Craft Beer

4 Local Foods to pair with your favourite Craft Beer


Satay goes well with beer as its savoury flavour helps to get rid of the bitter after-taste of hops

Have you heard of the good old saying that “what grows together, goes together”? While some may swear by it, we beg to differ! Let’s experience the chemistry when our favourite craft beer meets our local dishes.



Pale and light, the American Lager is the quintessential angmoh beer to pair with our Satay. Want a little alternative to spice up your taste buds? Try pairing the Lager with Spam Fries (otherwise known as the Luncheon Meat Fries). Let the Lager spam you with endless pleasure as you chomp your way through a whole entire plate full. (Warning: This can be addictive!)



We recommend trying sweet confectioneries like Tutu Kueh and the Nine-Layer Kueh to go with this fruity concoction. The Pilsner will cut through the sweetness of our favourite Nyonya delights and bring a fresh flavour  to your taste buds –like a rainbow ride across splashing pilsner!



The perfect drink to go with something salty and fishy; try the porter with the latest seasonal food trend, the Salted Egg Fish Skin! We’re positive you will finish the whole tub of fish skin and never get sick of it.



When drinking the stout, it is essential to take things smoothly and slowly. A steamy plate of steamed fish head provides you the right amount of time to pick through fish bones and savour all the flavours that the stout has to offer. Most importantly, the strong aromas and oomph from the stout will take away any lingering fishy aftertaste in your mouth. A must try for sure.

Our 2016 SAFRA Craft Beer Fest is coming soon on the 7th and 8th of October, so you can try all these different native combinations your selves!

Come, don’t say I Bo Jio,

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