5 Awesome Hari Raya Food Traditions We Miss

5 Awesome Hari Raya Food Traditions We Miss

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims all over the world and it’s now officially on the halfway mark. Fasting is obligatory for adults from before sunrise to sunset. It’s also been said that fasting increases brain alertness and promotes weight loss. Besides that, they would refraining themselves from committing bad deeds and consumption like eating and drinking. This is the time to focus on devotion and spiritual reflection as well as care for humanity through charity.


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Food, the ever symbol for gratitude, also plays a significant role during this festive season. Traditionally, Muslim families would sometimes gather with relatives, neighbours and friends for iftar (breaking of the fast meal at sundown). Lots of food would be shared among the community, keeping the festive spirit alive.


In Singapore, it’s common to see Ramadan bazaars popping up in different neighbourhoods throughout the month. Various items would be put on display for sale, usually things one might need to prepare for the following month of Syawal where we celebrate the completion of Ramadan. For example, new clothes and household items like curtains and other décor would be purchased.


Situated in the eastern part of Singapore, the Geylang Bazaar is the most popular one to go to. With stalls selling all kinds of food from traditional to street food from different cultures, it is no wonder that so many people flock here to grab food for iftar. This iconic hotspot is a must visit for anyone including those who are not observing Ramadan.

Furthermore, the Singapore Food Festival has begun! This event is set to recognize the importance of preserving our nation's food traditions. So what’s a better way to kick it off than checking out these mouth-watering Hari Raya goodies? You don't even have to wait till Hari Raya when Ramadan bazaars are already selling them. We know you don't want to miss the chance and here are 5 reasons why!


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1. Kuih cakar ayam
This traditional Hari Raya snack is made from either taro, tapioca or sweet potato and was very popular back in the day. Literally translated to “chicken scratch”, you can see why it’s so named.


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2. Kuih getas
This sweet coconut treat is deep-fried batter coated with granulated sugar cooked in water. The batter is a combination of two types of flour, sticky rice and wheat, mixed with grated coconut, water and a dash of salt.


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3. Kuih ros
This snack is named after its shape and in order to make them, you would need the special mould for it. It’s made from wheat flour, coconut milk, eggs, sugar and salt. The recipe is so simple yet so delicious that it’s not only made for festivities like Hari Raya but as regular street food as well.


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4. Putu kacang
Due to a lot more colourful modern Hari Raya cookies nowadays, this may not be the most popular one but this tasty green bean snack is a wonderful tradition. Like the kuih ros, this requires a special mould too. After they’re baked, you would need to knock against the mould gently to let out the delicious cookies.


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5. Lengkong
This agar-agar dessert used to be the centrepiece of the table. Sometimes it takes in shapes other than the one in the picture above. Pandan leaves and rose syrup add to the fragrance and colour of this sweet treat.


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