5 Compelling reasons how music can save your life

5 Compelling reasons how music can save your life

You can't stop the beat!

The idea that music can have a therapeutic value is far from new. But how does being plugged into your headphones and listen to your favourite soundtracks make you a better person is seldom discussed about. Here are the five reasons on how music can keep your sanity intact.

1. Music uplifts your spirits in the morning

All too often, waking up in the morning is such a strenuous chore. Commanding your body to get up from bed and kill that snooze button requires an inordinate amount of determination. To encourage that “get up and go” hormone, play some light, cheery music that will help to elevate your mood, beckoning you to jump start your day on a positive note.


2. Music decreases anxiety and depression

Like the undulating sea waves, life has its series of ups and downs. Soothing music, such as classical music or soft rock, opens up a mental oasis to momentarily escape from life’s woes. Giving you a short respite into serenity, relieving stress and gradually restoring you back to normalcy. Unlike booze, it is the perfect pick-me-up with no downside.


3. Music makes you feel engaged with others

Spanish novelist Cervantes once wrote, “Where there is music there can be no evil.” Live music performances have an uncanny ability to bring groups of strangers together and groove to the same rhythm. No egos at the concert, only a common affinity for good songs, and an opportunity to goof around without appearing silly in public.


4. Music gets you inspired 

Feeling uninspired? Listening to modern songs with its narrative-rich lyrics can trigger your mind to construct a series of visual images, giving you a fresh perspective and insights to work on an otherwise blank canvas.

5. Music boosts your fitness

Music is the heartbeat of the exercise regime. It adds energy and excitement, motivating you to push further. It is little wonder why workout classes always have pulse-pounding music playing – not only does the beats of the music helps to synchronise everyone’s pace to the instructor’s, it also puts them “in the zone” of focused concentration. Runners too, listen to music to temporally distract themselves from the body’s internal cues usually associated with tiredness and to stay focused towards the finishing post.

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