5 Hot Workouts for Hot Couples

5 Hot Workouts for Hot Couples

A couple who works out together stays together, right?

Well, maybe that’s not a guarantee but it still promotes great bonding between partners. Consider trading out one of your solo gym sessions with a couple’s yoga class your other half has been begging to try. You’ll be amazed at the benefits of exercising together. Among them are getting that extra motivation you need during a workout, having a healthy dose of competition with someone else to up your game and even receiving enough support to achieve your fitness goals.

Plus, you can help each other out by playing coach to the other if you’re not on the same level. Guiding someone other than yourself through a fitness regime can be pretty rewarding. Since you’ve already made a commitment to the relationship, staying in shape together doesn’t necessarily make it an extra duty. In fact, you can simply call it a date!


1. Yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular ways to stay in shape. For all your hardworking hours at the gym, yoga can help tone your muscles and maintain overall body balance and support. Plus, it helps to relieve stress and body pains as well as create body awareness which would in turn boost self-confidence. In other words, yoga can even tremendously benefit you in bed with your partner. Show off your fitness with the double tree pose and wow your partner.


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2. Partner dips and wall sit

For this exercise, you can take turns doing two different forms of strength training. One of you will start in sort of a squatting position with the back against the wall and knees bent at 90 degrees to the floor. You can use a medicine ball for weight over your head. Then your partner, facing away from you, places his or her palms on your thighs. Keep his or her feet out in front and hip back.

To begin, you lower the medicine ball to chest level as your partner performs a triceps dip. It can start off a little more challenging than you’d think but once you find the right rhythm, all would be well. Then try and switch places afterwards.


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3. Manual resistance push-up

This non-conventional method of push-ups can be a good alternative to weight training. Get into the correct normal push-up position, with your body facing the floor and elbows bent at a 45-degree angle on your sides. Get your partner to place his or her hands on your upper back over the shoulders before you begin. As you lower yourself down, your partner should put resistance on your back. Do the same when you’re lifting yourself up. Alternatively, your partner can sit on your back while you try doing push-ups with his or her body weight as the resistance. If possible, switch places. Be careful not to put too much pressure and keep safe.


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4. Doubles Team Sports

If you’re looking for something that takes you out of the house, you can try partner sports like kayaking, tennis, table tennis and badminton. It’s a great way to get some exercise and fun in the sun at the same time! A little healthy competition with your loved one is no harm either. You can even opt to go for a double date by taking on your best friend and his or her partner in a smashing good game of badminton or tennis at a SAFRA club near you.


5. Healthy date ideas

Now that the Chinese New Year celebrations have begun, relatives will keep offering you good food which might be a bit trickier to turn down. So why not go for a hike or cycling trip on your next date during this season? It will guarantee a truly exhilarating time with your partner while also shedding off all that extra ‘happy’ weight. Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, sign up for dance classes. By experiencing new things together or doing ‘non-intimidating’ physical activities like these, you’ll forget you’re actually exercising amidst all that fun.

Check out our new dancing classes here and here!

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If you’ve always been working out alone and aren’t sure of the benefits of partner exercises, find out the 5 reasons why!

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