5 Types of Friends You Need in Life

5 Types of Friends You Need in Life

Ever had a team mate who pang seh you when you are cornered by enemy fire? Competitive games like paintball reveal the characteristics of your friends clearer than you would expect. While it’s true that you cannot choose people you meet in life, there are a few special ones you should treasure like your rifle. Here are the 5 types of friends who would willingly bare their backs and bite the paintball bullet for you.

1. A Garang Chiong-ster

We live in a world where there are endless places to see, people to meet and experiences to be had. Yet so many of us are stuck in our own monotonous routine and forget to, well, live. We all need a garang chiong-ster who will pull us off the rut and push us out of our comfort zone. Of course, he is not your friend if he sabo and pushes you directly to the enemy’s frontline, but some appropriate risks and exposure to challenges are healthy.


2. A Zai Mentor

Let’s admit it, a lot of times life has other plans for us. If you have someone smart, motivating and admirable in your life who could advise you everything over a cup of teh-C, then you’re extremely lucky. We all need a zai mentor, steady and mature enough to steer you on to the right course. It can be anyone – a platoon mate, a friend who’s beyond their years, someone who can be classified into the ‘been there, done that’ category – so long as you look up to this person as a role model and willingly salute.



3. A no-matter-what but still a loyal bro

It’s common to be pissed with friends who kumbaya with you in one instance when things are all well and good and later siam you when you’re in deep trouble. What you need is a non-judgemental, loyal bro who will stand by you no matter what. This is the rare soul who is a confidant to all your deepest and darkest secrets; a motivator who pulls you up and trudges along with you when you’re at your worst. Just make sure not to abuse this friend’s kindness - care should be reciprocated and not taken for granted.



4. A happy-go-lucky pal 

Having a friend like this is similar to indulging in different flavours of ice-cream sundae on a sunny beach every day. These types of friends feel good when everyone is having a great time. And when someone they care about is sad or down, they’ll find ways to cheer them up. They helped you focus on the positive aspects of life, and jio you to party at Clark Quay every weekend. Just make sure you have a reservoir of energy to keep up with this energizer bunny and you’ll surely have a ball of time!



5. A complete tombalek 

We humans have it ingrained to mix with our own packs. We develop friendships only with those who share the same beliefs, customs and values as ours. But why keep playing your team’s usual defensive strategy when you can possibly chiong and win the game? Here comes the polar opposite friend! If you’re quiet introvert, befriend someone who is loud and lively. If you’re methodical, find a spontaneous friend. While it may lead to personality clashes, if you get along well he/ she’ll open your eyes to different perspectives and you’ll soon realize your behaviour changes (hopefully for the better). Opposites attract my friend!

There you have it. Now put your friendship into the battlefield and test it in action at SAFRA Yishun’s inaugural paintball competition, Gundown, happening on 27 September. Simply form a team of five and Gundown!

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