5 Ways to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

5 Ways to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is a skill where the brain is able to use vision to guide movement. It is a gateway to other important abilities you need in daily activities like fine motor skills, recognising concepts of place and direction and more. Thus, it is essential to start developing it from young. Even into adulthood, it is best not to neglect practising hand-eye coordination as it tends to decline over time.

So be sure to actively train your hand-eye coordination skill. Here are 5 ways you can do to improve it!

1. Sports

From golf to tennis and darts to martial arts, sports is a guaranteed way to work on hand-eye coordination. This in turn will increase reaction times for better reflexes.

In training, improve even more with:

  • Speed bag drills (boxing/MMA) - Use smaller, well-inflated bags. Work on hand speed to gain better control of hitting the bag. You might want to take smaller swings (less power) and decrease the circles you form with movement around the bag. This helps increase your speed. Once you get the hang of it, adopt the Counting Punches method, giving yourself 30 seconds or 1 minute to hit the bag as many times as possible. With each subsequent round, set a new record of total punches you want to land and record how long it takes you to hit the new goal.
  • Racquet drills (tennis) - Bounce a tennis ball on the strings of the racquet repeatedly while holding the racquet with your palm up. Then repeat with palm down before switching to your other hand and do again.

2. Video Games

Level up in visual perception and motor skills with action and sports games.

For a bigger challenge, test your skills with games like Super Monkey Ball and Surgeon Simulator. No matter how frustrating it gets, keep at it and don't "rage quit"!

3. Skill Toys & Hobbies

Skill toys like yo-yo and kendama make practising this skill a lot of fun. The more tricks you learn, the better. You can also use any regular ball (preferably tennis ball size) and write down letters evenly spaced out around it. Then either play catch with a friend or throw it against the wall. When the ball comes flying back, focus in on the letter that’s facing you and call it out loud before you catch it. This is called Letter Ball.

Work on object manipulation (e.g. juggling and tossing, spinning and twirling, and dexterity), like with the diabolo and contact juggling.

4. Mobile Applications

Mobile applications like Lumosity put an interesting spin on developing relevant skills for productivity.

In the form of mini-games, Lumosity tests users in various abilities such as selective attention, task-switching, verbal fluency as well as processing, storing and manipulating information.

5. Arts & Crafts

Express yourself through art like drawing, sculpting and colouring to develop fine motor skills and creative vision. These activities also offer different tools to grip and manipulate with.

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