Day And Night About Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai Part 4)

Day And Night About Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai Part 4)

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If you have been following our account so far, you may find yourself down by 3 full days in your vacation. On a typical 5d4n or 4d3n trip for most people however, there may be time still to check out other tourist hotspots in Chiang Mai or explore the city to experience the nightlife.

For animal lovers, or those looking for a complete tourist experience, we would highly recommend checking out the Tiger Kingdom as well as the Chiang Mai Night Safari.

 Getting around

A variety of public transport is available in Chiang Mai. Mostly the traditional tuktuks and songthaews that cost an average of 20-50 baht per person for trips in and around the city. A bus service service was recently re-launched, but the frequency and route coverage may not be what most would expect in a major city.

Tiger Kingdom

Located at Mae-rim, a mere 20 minutes from town, the Tiger Kingdom informs us that it is the only place in the world that lets visitors come up close and personal with these giant cats.

"Tigers are not aggressive as you think" so Tiger Kingdom tells us. A variety of packages ranging in a price range of 420 baht to 520 baht per person allows visitors to play, touch, and take photos with tiger cubs to the really large adults. Entrance fee includes insurance. Really.

We were apprehensive at first about putting ourselves in claw swiping range, but the tigers themselves were largely indifferent to our presence. We would like to assure our readers that the photo below is real, and no, the tiger did not attempt to eat us after.

It's pretty hard to smile at the camera. Isn't it?


A yawning, bored looking tiger. Likely wondering what the silly humans were afraid of. This photo was taken five steps away.


Chiang Mai Day & Night Safari

Considered as the largest night safari in the world over 300 acres of natural land surrounded by the Doi Suthep-Pui National park, the Chiang Mai Day & Night Safari prides itself to be the most beautiful night safari in the world.

Now many Singaporeans may scoff at that right now, considering we have very own pride and joy at Mandai. But can attest to the fact that, we were suitably impressed on our short visit there. In fact, the night safari tram ride itself lasted far longer than the local version did (approximately 75 minutes to cover both North and South zones), and at many spots, came up really close to the animals. If you happened to be visiting in December, the cold night time temperatures coupled with the natural environment gives off a "raw nature" vibe.

What really took our breath away was the musical fountain show – a first rate experience of laser lights:

If you are looking for a complete nature theme park experience, the safari also offers resort accommodations in 30 units of rooms as well as a campground for large groups. That is something that you simply can’t find in Singapore.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar & Anusarn Market

If you are into handicrafts, or looking to buy really cheap souvenirs (or Christmas presents for the company gift exchange), the Night Bazaar of Chiang Mai or Kad Luang (Royal Market) as it is know by locals, is one of Chiang Mai's biggest draws. Located right in the centre of the city on Ping River, it is particularly well known to be a great place to pick up trinkets and gifts. In fact, a visit is almost obligatory even if you are not looking for anything in particular just to experience it.

Grab some street side food and have a slow stroll down the streets at least once during your visit. Come prepared to bargain, it is all part of the fun!

The city that never sleeps

Once again, SAFRA would like to extend our thanks to AirAsia and Tourism Authority of Thailand for their kind invitation to experience Chiang Mai. If you are looking for a getaway in the region and prefer to stay away from the more “touristy” locations, Chiang Mai could be it!

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