Falling in Love With L’Entrecôte!

Falling in Love With L’Entrecôte!

Nestled on the cobbled streets of Duxton Hill, L’Entrecôte is a French bistro which stays true to its Parisian roots in both deco and food. As you make your way into the restaurant, your eyes will no doubt be drawn to the outward facing al fresco dining area which is perfect for indulging in some serious people watching.



However, you will want to keep your focus on the extensive menu which features eight delectable entrées (starters) and a 15 item-strong dessert selection. But, don’t let that distract you from the ‘main’ star of this chic establishment. Taking inspiration from its Parisian namesake, the cosy little joint specialises only in steak frites or ‘Plat du Jour’ for main course.


Photo courtesy of Déliciae Hospitality Management

Taking our seats, we were pleasantly surprised by our well-mannered waiter who graciously slotted the table out of the way. Immediately, we were greeted by a refreshing glass of rose-hued aperitif, Kir. The complimentary drink comprising of white wine lightly sweetened with blackcurrant liquor proved to be the perfect semi-sweet elixir to whet our appetites.

Not long after, our savoury entrées of homemade Duck Foie Gras Terrine (S$21) and Pâté de Campagne (S$15) arrived. We started off with the light French country-styled pork pâté paired with crunchy pickled gherkins. It was definitely well seasoned and complimented the crisp air-flown Poilâne bread, but we will admit that we were taken aback by the slightly chunky natured pâté. It could definitely use a little more mincing in our books.



If the pork pâté did let us down a little, the homemade duck foie gras terrine knocked our pants and socks off! This carefully crafted ‘meatloaf’ was a buttery explosion of flavours by itself. The salty velvet-textured duck liver sent tinges down our spines that we nearly neglected the accompanying sugar glazed sautéed onions and poilâne bread. How much do we love this soul enriching terrine, you ask? We love it so much that in the words of Barney from How I Met Your Mother, we “want to take it to the bedroom and do nasty things to it”. The terrine is available for takeaway and we strongly implore you to exercise that option as it warrants a place in any meal.



After composing ourselves from the orgasmic terrine, we slowed things thing with the walnuts green salad. While it served as a refreshing palate cleanser, we were overwhelmed by the sharp tasting mustard vinaigrette dressing. Honestly, we would have been contented if the smoky flavour of the fresh walnuts remained the only star of this leafy affair.

No matter, we were soon distracted by the arrival of our steak. Now, there is nothing quite like the Entrecôte Steak experience. For just S$29.90, we got a medium striploin cut of steak complete with UNLIMITED French fries. Our steak was separated in two servings. The first portion was served to us straight from the kitchen while the second serving rested nearby on a warmer to ensure optimal dining temperature.

We examined the thinly sliced portions of steak and could see that it was seared to à point (medium) perfection. Sinking our teeth into the red juicy slices, we loved how the beef was crisp on the surface but yet tender in the middle. In fact, the meat was so well done that we could have done without the legendary buttery sauce. It was a glowing testament of the chef’s culinary skills that we were contented with just the steak itself! However, the rich creamy sauce proved to be of use as it complimented the golden fries superbly. The crispy fries were excellent in soaking up the remaining sauce to ensure minimal wastage.



By the time our desserts came along, we were struggling to keep our pants’ buckle on. But, that didn’t stop us from digging into the Mousse au Chocolat (S$12). The warm dark chocolate mousse was not overbearing sweet, but it proved to be just right in our opinion. The smooth mousse was cleverly paired with dark chocolate shavings to add a nice bite to it. The gooey dark chocolate goodness was so precious that we felt obliged to lick our spoon clean! It certainly felt like an elegant way to end off a fine meal.



On the other hand, the Crêpes Suzette (S$14) was a bit of a let-down. Perhaps, it was because we had the impression that it was going to be a crispy treat drizzled in a light citrus sauce. So, you can imagine our disappointment when it turned out to be a soft crêpe that was drowning in a pool of sauce. Thankfully, the accompanying scoop of vanilla bean ice cream changed all that. The sinful ice cream was a dream when paired with the slightly tangy sauce that we started to warm up to the dish.

All in all, we left a very satisfied man. So if you are dying for some France culinary flair, then head down to rustic Duxton Hill and make the gastronomic journey that is L’Entrecôte. We are sure that you will be similar smitten as well! 

36 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089614
Tel: 6690 7561
No Reservations Allowed

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 12pm to 10.30pm
Saturday: 6pm to 10.30pm
Closed on Sunday


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