Fun, Family and Nature

Fun, Family and Nature

For many Singaporean families, school holidays are the perfect chance for working parents to spend quality time with their kids outside. Reliving the good memories from last year, SAFRA’s Family Day Out 2015 was held at one of our nation’s most charming parks, Gardens by the Bay, to mark a sweet end to the March term break this year.


Even though the 5-hour festivities officially started at 3pm, there were already excited families lining up to register at the Silver Gardens, our event’s carnival grounds.

All thanks to the early setup of snacks concession stand handing out candy floss and popcorn and delicious ice-cream sponsored by Swensen’s. We also had fun activity booths where families can try out face and hand painting, get their photos taken at the instant photo booth and also get fun balloon animals!

Despite the hazy weather that afternoon, everyone remained in high spirits.


Taking a break from the hot, hazy weather, families got to enjoy complimentary passes to the indoor Flower Dome and Cloud Forest attractions. The former hosts the awe-inspiring annual Tulipmania display while the latter houses the world’s tallest indoor mountain with waterfall standing at 35 metres high.

Inside the Flower Dome, visitors got a chance to view a great variety of plants from different parts of the world like the Mediterranean Basin, South West Australia, South Africa, Central Chile and California. That’s right, all in one place!

Visitors to the dome took a leisurely stroll through the gardens as parents took the opportunity to educate their children on the beauty and importance of nature.


The best thing about the Cloud Forest is simply the misty mountain itself. No, sadly we didn’t find a Dwarf King under it. But we did get a satisfying view of the 35-metre tall green mountain with its equally majestic waterfall! It’s amazing to see the lush greenery thriving on the mountain. Perhaps, it is kind of like venturing into J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth after all.

The Cloud Forest offers visitors an opportunity to check out plant life from tropical montane regions up to 2,000 metres above sea level, which Singapore does not have. The tour also highlights how clouds play an important role in mountain plant life as well as our need for natural fresh water sources.


Tip: Keep following the path from the entrance that will lead you to the Waterfall View, where you can peek out safely from behind the curtain of rushing water. Then take the lift all the way up to the top floor for the Lost World and then work your way down to the rest of the floors till you reach the Secret Garden.


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One of the coolest experiences here is to take the Cloud Walk and Tree Top Walk.

On the Cloud Walk, visitors got a closer look at the epiphytes plant species found on the side of the mountain. It’s not a very wide bridge so do mind others behind you, whether you wish to take your time to study the plants, admire the view from the top or be scared out of your wits at the great height!

It’s not every day that you’d get a bird’s eye view of treetops and a great way to see the forest canopy is take a walk down the Tree Top Walk.

All in all, it turned out to be a successful event. See you at the next SAFRA Family Day Out this June!

For event photo highlights, check out the slides below.


Have a splashing fun time at SAFRA Family Day Out 2015 in June as we head to the Adventure Cove Waterpark!

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