Game for Energy Rush

Game for Energy Rush

SAFRA Energy Rush
‘Party in the Gym’ - SAFRA Energy Rush participants at the spacious and newly renovated 2nd floor of EnergyOne Gym at SAFRA Mount Faber

The most number of bench presses within three minutes, push ups, star jumps and pulling weighted sleds – these were some of the gruelling physical feats undertaken by participants of SAFRA Energy Rush 2015, held at SAFRA Mount Faber’s EnergyOne, on Saturday, 14 November.

Themed ‘Party in the Gym’, the event transformed the newly renovated EnergyOne gym area on the 2nd level into a hip and lively club that night. Organised by SAFRA’s EnergyOne gym, this second edition of Energy Rush encourages fitness enthusiasts to bond and keep fit through a night of fun-filled fitness challenges and various fringe activities.

Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights that you’ve missed.

Individual Challenges

Ultimate Rep-Off Challenge:

SAFRA Energy Rush
Participants ‘wrecking their shoulders’ to hit their personal best bench press score

This was one of the most revered strength training exercises as contestants were tasked to ‘wreck their shoulders’ – pumping as many bench presses as they could in three minutes.

Begin in a squat position with both arms back, then quickly push yourself upwards and land gently on the step. Swing your arms forwards as you take off. Repeat for 3 sets of 15 repetitions, rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute between each set.

Group of 4 (3 guys, 1 girl) Challenges

Reebok #BeMoreHuman Challenge:

SAFRA Energy Rush
Reebok #BeMoreHuman Challenge comprises Reebok #Sled Challenge (left) and Reebok #CardioWall Challenge (right)!

In the Reebok #Sled Challenge, groups had to perform four different sled workout moves in the shortest time. Meanwhile, the Reebok #CardioWall Challenge tested both the cognitive and physical abilities of the participants, with three levels to choose from – ‘Relax’, ‘Shiong’ and ‘Insane’!

NutriFirst Challenge:

SAFRA Energy Rush

In the 15/15 with a Walk challenge, participants tackled military-style workouts like Push up, Star Jump and Farmers Walk, followed by the Spider Cage Challenge, a chain of cardio workouts like Ball Slam Rebounder, Step up, Kicking and Roping.

Tiger Balm ‘Minute-to-Win’ Final Show-Down

SAFRA Energy Rush
Give me one more, just one more to go!

It all came to a head for the winners of the ‘Minute-to-Win’ Competition, which was held in early 2015. In this final showdown, they competed with one another in the ‘Best Push-Up’ and ‘Best Sit-Up’ categories.

Fringe Activities

SAFRA Energy Rush
Drink Up!

Aside from the challenges, there were also fun fringe activities such as the NutriFirst Protein ‘Shiok’ Challenge where contestants gulped down bottles of protein beverages and a Spin to Win! contest with mystery prizes.

SAFRA Energy Rush
Fitness personalities Jason Lim and Limaran giving their words of encouragement to the crowd before the start of the challenges

Participants also took the opportunity to have pictures taken with their local bodybuilding and fitness icons such as Singapore powerlifter and recent world-record holder, Irving Henson, Manhunt Singapore 2014 finalist Jason Lim with wife, Limaran Agustina, and the winner of the Women’s Category of the National Physical Committee Ultimate Warrior, Melissa Sarah Wee.

SAFRA Energy Rush
Participants game on to tackle the challenges ahead!

In all, close to 100 contestants took part this year. A big THANK YOU for the active participation, hope to see you next year for another night of Energy Rush!

EnergyOne at SAFRA Mount Faber is now 3,200 square feet bigger and better. Check out the newly opened workout area at Level 2, featuring 30 new fitness and conditioning equipment.

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